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By Shannon Block, President/CEO

I’m a mother. I have an adorable (if I do say so myself) 3-year-old daughter. I can remember the day I had her and all of the mixed emotions that coursed through my body--from over-the-top joy to utter terror.

By Shannon Block, President/CEO

There are some pretty tall people out there—NBA players are the first to pop into my mind. But even former Denver Nuggets player Dikembe Mutombo would be hard-pressed to stand eye-to-eye unassisted with his namesake giraffe that resides at Denver Zoo.

By Shannon Block, President/CEO

My hope is to generate interest, discussion and awareness, as together, we accomplish the Zoo’s mission to secure a better world for animals through human understanding.

By Jennifer (Nixon) Preusser, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

This week’s feathered friend is Spirit, a blue-and-yellow macaw (Ara ararauna), also known as a blue-and-gold macaw. Macaws are members of the parrot family.

Spirit is thought to be at least 15-years-old, but her exact age is unknown since she was a donated from the Rainforest Café when it closed in Denver in 2000.

By Christina Seely, Denver Zoo Large Mammal Keeper

By Sam Polce, Denver Zoo Horticulture Technician

By Jennifer (Nixon) Preusser, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

Introducing this week’s feathered friend, George, the 17-year-old hamerkop (Scopus umbretta), who arrived last year with his mate from San Diego Zoo. The two live in the Rainforest Room of Bird World, Presented by Frontier Airlines.

You can distinguish George from his girlfriend because of his interesting “hairstyle.” Like his namesake from Seinfeld, he has a balding pattern of missing feathers on top his head. His girlfriend has distinctive white feathers that also set her apart in looks.

By Jessica Leckrone, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

This week’s feathered friend is Olaf, a snowy-headed robin-chat (Cossypha niveicapilla), also known as a snowy-crowned robin chat. Olaf hatched at the Toledo Zoo in July 2012 and arrived at Denver Zoo last year. Olaf finds himself at home in the very last exhibit inside Bird World, Presented by Frontier Airlines. He is currently the only snowy-headed robin-chat that calls Denver Zoo home.

By Jessica Leckrone, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

This week’s feathered friend is Sai, a female golden white-eye (Cleptornis marche).

Golden white eyes are found on the Mariana Islands of Saipan and Aguiguan, where they live in all-wooded habitats including the native limestone forest. Golden white eyes are seen in groups of two or four, which are thought to be small family groups

By Jennifer Nixon, Denver Zoo Bird Keeper

Captain America is a blue-streaked lory (Eos reticulate) previously featured on this blog. Since his namesake is featured in the new Avengers movie coming out today, he is back in the spotlight.


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