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By Kira and Vivian, Denver Zoo Teen Volunteers

Project Polar Bear (PPB) is a competition organized by Polar Bears International (PBI) that’s designed to encourage kids and teens to create community projects which help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Denver Zoo has partnered with Polar Bears International for the past several years, and this year, selected two members from its Teen Volunteer Program to participate in PBI’s competition.

Denver Zoo constantly strives to reduce our impact on the environment. We are committed to our community, our state and our planet. Many of the animals we care for daily have wild counterparts that are suffering from habitat loss, pollution and drought. These struggles only deepen our resolve to make a difference in our own backyard.

By Hannah Yaritz, Individual Philanthropy Coordinator

Food! We eat a lot here at Denver Zoo, and we aren’t just talking about people - one elephant can eat up to 150 pounds of hay a day!

Denver Zoo Helps Peruvian and Bolivian People Save the Lake Titicaca Frog

By Matt Herbert, Denver Zoo Director of Conservation Education

When you “spring forward” for Daylight Savings time on March 9 we want you to think about frogs! 

Did you know Denver Zoo works with scientists, educators and conservationists in Peru and Bolivia to save the critically endangered Lake Titicaca frog, Telmatobius culeus? 

By Sarah Metzer, Denver Zoo Science Program Specialist
Education Representative on Denver Zoo's Polar Bear International Committee

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