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January 30, 2014


"Hurry! Hurry!" Don't Miss Denver Zoo's ½ Off Admission for Fans Wearing Orange through Feb. 1


Denver, CO - Woodland Park Zoo and Denver Zoo have agreed to a friendly wager as a show of support for their home teams playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 2. Should the Broncos bring home the Vince Lombardi trophy after Sunday's win, a curator from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle will hand deliver a case of Washington apples to Denver Zoo's Przewalski's horses (P-horse) and spend a day working with the horses and elephants wearing a Bronco jersey. 

Should the unthinkable happen and the Seahawks win, Denver Zoo Curator of Birds John Azua will take a case of trout to Woodland Park Zoo for its sea eagles and spend a day working with the zoo's animals while sporting a Seahawk jersey. 

"Game on! Really, this bet is a win either way for us. Accredited zoos and aquariums work closely together and the exchange would also give us a chance to talk shop and compare best practices. Still, I expect the Broncos to win and for us to welcome and host our fallen colleague here in Denver!" says Azua.

Both Denver Zoo and Woodland Park have been cheering their respective teams on throughout the final games. Denver Zoo has extended its half-off admission discount to Broncos fans wearing orange or their favorite Bronco wear through Feb. 1. 

Denver Zoo also launched a fun online campaign "Fanimals" where guests can pick which animal fan they most closely relate to on Facebook. Legendary fans probably favor the Przewalski's horse. As ancient relatives of domestic horses Przewalski's horses are the original broncos. The horses name in their native country Mongolia is "takhi" meaning spirit. 

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