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At Denver Zoo, we are committed to providing our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.

Ground Maintenance and Horticulture

Maintain appearance of the zoo by pruning and trimming shrubs and trees, and planting and weeding annual flower beds. Responsible for seasonal grooming including sweeping, mowing, raking, snow removal and daily trash pick-up.

Physical Plant Maintenance

Responsible for building improvements and general upgrades to zoo grounds. Execute orders for a variety of needs including repairs, replacements, painting, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, welding and HVAC systems.

Guest Services

Responsible for producing and maintaining a level of service that meets or exceeds expectations of all zoo visitors. Oversee gate admission staff; zoo security services; food, gift and ride concessions; public restroom and lobby maintenance; facilitates development of exhibit interpretive graphics and signage.

Marketing and Public Relations

Responsible for the zoo's overall image and generating revenue through paid zoo attendance, tourism, group sales, facilities rentals, and product development. Public relations functions include creating public awareness through local, regional, and national media; community outreach; special events and promotions; and website management.

Membership Services

Responsible for promoting and increasing awareness of and traffic to the zoo by increasing public participation in membership, adopt-an-animal, and travel programs.

Animal Health Department

Responsible for providing preventative care programs for the diverse collection of animals and prescribing treatment and surgery for the collection as necessary. Work in cooperation with other zoos and aquariums in research programs. Maintain an on-site nursery to nurse orphaned or injured animals. Oversee necropsy functions and attempt to establish cause of death.

Animal Department

Responsible for providing daily care to Denver Zoo's vast collection of fish, reptiles, birds and mammals, including diet preparation, cleaning, general yard maintenance. Support national and international conservation programs. Act as primary care physician for the animals in their care.

Conservation Biology

Oversee the zoo's conservation activities. Conduct local, national and international field projects. Serve on boards and as liaisons with wildlife agencies and conservation organizations. Publish articles in scientific journals.


Responsible for developing and managing fund-raising activities, including grant writing, procuring corporate donations, corporate sponsorships, gifts and private donations.

Human Resources

Responsible for properly balancing the needs of employees and the needs of the organization by creating an environment that promotes accountability, involvement, diversity and high performance. Provide a work atmosphere that is safe, healthy and secure while promoting a positive and fun work environment and culture.

Education and Volunteer Services

Responsible for planning, developing, implementing and evaluating a variety of educational programs and projects, both on zoo grounds and within the community. Provide an integrated curriculum to students who have little access to natural places and enhance life science curriculum through the Wonders In Nature-Wonders in Neighborhoods program. Recruit and maintain staff of volunteers/docents which assist with small-animal care, teaching/education programs, leading group tours and staffing special events.


Responsible for directing and maintaining control over all financial assets and monetary transactions of Denver Zoo.

Information Systems

Responsible for overseeing the design, installation, and maintenance of computer, data, and telecommunications within the zoo, including hardware, software and cabling.

K-M Concessions

Call 303-376-4964 Responsible for managing and staffing all aspects of the catering and concessions requirements of zoo visitors. Operations include gift shops, restaurants and janitorial.

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