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Halloween occasion marks unofficial debut of male lion cub "Sango" 

Zoo Plans Squash Squish with Elephants at 11:30 on Oct. 31 

Halloween came a day early for Denver Zoo lion cubs Sango and Sabi. The two cubs pounced on a pumpkin in the primary yard of the zoo's Predator Ridge exhibit. This was the first time many guests have seen Sango, a 1-year-old male who arrived from Lufkin, Texas' Ellen Trout Zoo in July. He spent the last few months behind-the-scenes clearing a mandatory quarantine period, growing accustom to his new surroundings and getting to know his new mate, Sabi. Visitors can now see them both in Predator Ridge, weather permitting.

"Aztai" was Rescued as Injured Chick in Mongolia

A "lucky" cinereous vulture from Mongolia is now exploring her new yard at Denver Zoo. The young bird, named Aztai for the Mongolian word for "lucky," was rescued and brought to the United States after zoo conservation experts determined she would not be able to survive in the wild due to a damaged wing. Visitors can now see Aztai in her new home outside the old Pachyderm Building.

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