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Visitors Can See New Inhabitants Of Predator Ridge Now, Weather Permitting

Denver, CO - Denver Zoo visitors will notice a couple of new African wild dogs in its Predator Ridge exhibit. The two young sisters, Tilly and Cheza (CHEH-zah) are now exploring the exhibit’s maternity yard after arriving from Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo. Zookeepers say they are settling in well and doing great. Visitors can see them now, weather permitting.


Polar bears to receive special ice sculpture snack as guests learn how to save their species

Denver, CO - Denver Zoo visitors are invited to celebrate International Polar Bear Day at the Zoo on Thursday, February 27 and find out how they can help save polar bears in the wild. Held in partnership with Polar Bears International (PBI), the day will allow guests to watch polar bears Lee and Cranbeary enjoy a special ice sculpture treat and learn from zookeepers and volunteers about the challenges polar bears face and ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Activities Include:

Calf will remain behind the scenes as he becomes more self-sufficient



Denver, CO - Denver Zoo is celebrating the birth of a rare okapi (oh-Kah-pee). The male calf, named Jabari (Jah-bar-ee), was born to mother, Kalispell (Kal-lis-pell), and father, Sekele (seh-Kee-lee), on February 3, and is only the sixth birth of his species at the zoo. Jabari will remain behind the scenes for a short while longer, but visitors will soon be able to see the youngster as he grows and becomes more self-sufficient.

Chick is believed to be the first of its species to successfully hatch at Denver Zoo


Denver, CO - Denver Zoo is thrilled to welcome what is believed to be the first tawny frogmouth chick to be successfully reared at the zoo. The chick, named Kermit, whose gender is still not known, arrived on January 27. Guests may be lucky and catch a glimpse of the new chick in its home of Bird World, presented by, as it grows and becomes visible as it is brooded by its parents. Zookeepers monitor the chick's weight closely each morning and supplementally feed it as needed.

"Hurry! Hurry!" Don't Miss Denver Zoo's ½ Off Admission for Fans Wearing Orange through Feb. 1


Denver, CO - Woodland Park Zoo and Denver Zoo have agreed to a friendly wager as a show of support for their home teams playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 2. Should the Broncos bring home the Vince Lombardi trophy after Sunday's win, a curator from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle will hand deliver a case of Washington apples to Denver Zoo's Przewalski's horses (P-horse) and spend a day working with the horses and elephants wearing a Bronco jersey. 

Coors Will Preside Over 25th Anniversary of Zoo's Largest Fundraiser

Denver, CO - Community volunteer Meredith Coors is providing leadership as Chair of the 2014 Do At The Zoo gala, set for June 19. Presented by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, this year the event commemorates its silver anniversary. Guests of the zoo's largest fundraiser and Denver's favorite summer party will support the zoo's general operations and celebrate 25 years of success and improvements. 

Zoo veterinarians expect early summer arrival

Denver, CO - Denver Zoo Malayan tapir Rinny is pregnant and receiving great care from animal and veterinary staff. Zookeepers believe the calf will be born around June after tracking when Rinny and her mate, Benny, were observed breeding. This will not only be the second calf for Rinny, but her species at the zoo as well.

Cub's arrival marks 25 years of Amur Leopards, World's Most Endangered Cat at Denver Zoo

Denver, CO - Denver Zoo is thrilled to celebrate the birth of a critically endangered Amur (ah-Moor) leopard cub named Sochi, born December 3, 2013. The young male, named for the Russian city hosting this year's winter Olympics, is the tenth birth of his species at Denver Zoo since Amur leopards arrived in 1989, about 25 years ago. After spending time bonding with his mother, Dazma (Dazz-mah), Sochi can now be spotted by zoo guests inside the zoo's Feline Building.

Wild Summer Camp Explores Animals All Around the World

Block Will Take the Helm of Colorado's Top Cultural Attraction As President/CEO in February

Denver, CO - After a nationwide search, the Denver Zoological Foundation Board of Trustees has selected Shannon Block to become the next President/CEO of Denver Zoo. As the CEO of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, the largest and most comprehensive provider of cancer care in Colorado, Block brings wide knowledge of strategic planning, business operations and revenue generation to the 117-year-old community jewel, Denver Zoo.


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