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5-year-old Male Elephant Now Explores New Home of Toyota Elephant Passage 

illy, a 5-year-old Asian elephant, has safely arrived at Denver Zoo and is getting acquainted with his new state of the art quarters. He arrived last night, June 23, after completing a flight from Amsterdam. The young bull, the third male elephant in the zoo's Toyota Elephant Passage exhibit, will support the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan with valuable genetics as he is unrelated to any elephants in the US. 

Denver Zoo is deeply saddened to announce the death of "Rian," a 15-year-old male South African lion. Rian had recently been undergoing chemotherapy treatment for an aggressive cancer originating in his spleen. Veterinarians had hoped the treatment would extend and improve his quality of life while providing valuable information about how chemotherapy could help other zoo lions and large cats. Unfortunately, on the morning of Wednesday, June 19, zookeepers noticed that his quality of life had decreased to the point that they decided to humanely euthanize him.

Colorado State University Veterinarians Partner to Help Lion with Cancer

An elderly Denver Zoo lion is undergoing cancer treatment in a manner never before attempted. Rian, a 15-year-old South African lion, underwent surgery and is receiving chemotherapy for an aggressive cancer originating in his spleen. Veterinarians hope the treatment will extend and improve his quality of life while providing valuable information about how chemotherapy could help other zoo lions and large cats.

Visitors Can See the Newborn Foal in Her Yard Now

There's a new set of stripes in Denver Zoo's zebra yard today. Last night, June 13, Denver Zoo welcomed the birth of an endangered, female Grevy's (Greh-veez) zebra. At less than a day old, the unnamed foal, is already comfortably exploring her new home with her mother, Topaz, never too far away. Guests can see mom and daughter with the entire herd in the yard now.

New Cub is Still Bonding with Mother Behind-The-Scenes and Can't Yet Be Seen by Public

Denver may be seeing record heat lately, but Denver Zoo recently spotted something a little more wintery with the birth of an endangered snow leopard cub. The female cub, named Misha (Mee-sha), was born on May 13. Guests aren't able to see Misha yet as she is still bonding behind-the-scenes with her mother, Natasha. The two will remain in their den until Mom determines it is time for Misha to explore the outdoor world.

New Wildlife Show Encourages Guests to Connect with Animals

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off an exciting summer season at Denver Zoo including special activities, shows and demonstrations. Guests will experience the ever-changing world of Denver Zoo and create memories to last a lifetime. 

New Otter a companion for long-time resident Otto

There’s an-otter otter swimming around Denver Zoo these days. The zoo recently welcomed a two-year-old male North American river otter named Ahanu (Ah-hah-new) to be a companion for long-time resident male Otto. The two were given the chance to get to know each other behind-the-scenes before they were moved to their exhibit in Northern Shores and are now getting along swimmingly. Visitors can see them cooling off in their watery home now! 

Zoo Previews New Penguin Encounter to Celebrate Partnership

Denver Zoo announced its new partnership with Frontier Airlines. With a recently contracted three year sponsorship agreement, the airline becomes the Exclusive Airline Sponsor of Denver Zoo, supporting animal preservation and conservation. In recognition of Frontier’s support, Denver Zoo is renaming its Bird World exhibit, “Bird World, Presented by Frontier,” in honor of all creatures that fly. Denver Zoo and Frontier unveiled the recognition at a press event today.

Penguin Chicks Represent Two Different Zoo Species

Tickets for Do At The Zoo Gala and VIP Party Selling Fast

Prospective guests of Denver Zoo's 24th Annual Do At The Zoo on June 20 are invited to enjoy the event in style with a ticket to the VIP Party. Ticket holders of this event will kick off their night early with the opportunity to attend an exclusive party and fabulous fare not offered at the main event. Tickets for both the Do At The Zoo, presented by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, and its VIP Party are selling fast!


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