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23rd Annual Event Will Showcase Many Activities for Everyone

Light up your holiday with a wild 23rd annual Zoo Lights celebration at Denver Zoo. Presented by Your Neighborhood Toyota Stores, the holiday tradition will run nightly from December 6, 2013-January 5, 2014, from 5:30-9 p.m. Zoo Lights is the largest lighting event in the Rocky Mountain Region and the largest annual event hosted by Denver Zoo. It takes two contracted staff members of the Denver Zoo staff three months to set up the displays and almost the same amount of time and manpower to dismantle the 40 acres of lights.  

Visitors Can See Gerenuk Calf "Stitch" When Weather Allows

Denver Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of Stitch, a new addition to the gerenuk (Gair-uh-nook) herd. The male calf was born November 17 to mother, Layla, and father, Woody. Gerenuks are known to be shy and young calves are expert hiders, but patient guests may be able to catch a glimpse of Stitch in his yard now, as weather allows.

Denver Zoo to Honor Bear with Birthday Celebration Nov. 22, 23 & 24

Denver Zoo learned from experts at Cincinnati Zoo that Elvis, the polar-bear-pregnancy predicting beagle does not believe Cranbeary the polar bear is pregnant. (Say that three times real fast.)

"All of us at Denver Zoo were hoping that Cranbeary was indeed pregnant. She is such a beautiful sweet bear and she and her mate Lee were getting along very well. However, according to Elvis the beagle, it's unlikely she's pregnant," says Curator of Carnivores & Primates Beth Jo Schoeberl.

Visitors Can See New Male Showing Off for Female Now

A new 22-year-old Andean condor named Andy D. can now be seen at Denver Zoo's Andean condor exhibit just west of Bird World. Andy joined Denver Zoo's resident condor Evita under the recommendation of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), Species Survival Plan (SSP) which ensures healthy populations and genetic diversity among zoo animals. So far zookeepers say they get along very well. This species is accustomed to cold weather and can be seen all winter long.

The Wildest Race In Town Is The Only Race To Run Through Denver Zoo 

The Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon is pleased to announce that the 13.1 mile half marathon will run through Denver Zoo for the second year in a row. Denver Zoo has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Colfax Marathon, establishing the Colfax Half Marathon as the only race to run through the zoo. The half marathon sold out in 2013. The 2014 race will take place on Sunday, May 18.

Visitors can see the new inhabitants of Wolf Pack Woods now, weather permitting 

Denver Zoo visitors will now notice a couple of new, young maned wolves in the Wolf Pack Woods exhibit. The two youngsters are now exploring the yard for the first time this weekend after arriving from other zoos. The energetic, red-haired pair is made up of male, Inigo, and female, Adrianna. Visitors can see them bounding about their area now, weather permitting.

Denver Zoo Teams Up With Cincinnati Zoo & Sniffer Beagle To Determine If Polar Bear Is Pregnant 

Denver Zoo hopes that 11-year-old polar bear, Cranbeary may be expecting. But to be sure, staff sent a sample of her poop to an expert at predicting polar bear pregnancies – a beagle working with the Cincinnati Zoo. 

Halloween occasion marks unofficial debut of male lion cub "Sango" 

Zoo Plans Squash Squish with Elephants at 11:30 on Oct. 31 

Halloween came a day early for Denver Zoo lion cubs Sango and Sabi. The two cubs pounced on a pumpkin in the primary yard of the zoo's Predator Ridge exhibit. This was the first time many guests have seen Sango, a 1-year-old male who arrived from Lufkin, Texas' Ellen Trout Zoo in July. He spent the last few months behind-the-scenes clearing a mandatory quarantine period, growing accustom to his new surroundings and getting to know his new mate, Sabi. Visitors can now see them both in Predator Ridge, weather permitting.

"Aztai" was Rescued as Injured Chick in Mongolia

A "lucky" cinereous vulture from Mongolia is now exploring her new yard at Denver Zoo. The young bird, named Aztai for the Mongolian word for "lucky," was rescued and brought to the United States after zoo conservation experts determined she would not be able to survive in the wild due to a damaged wing. Visitors can now see Aztai in her new home outside the old Pachyderm Building.

Visitors Can See the Newborn Foal in Its Yard Now

Denver Zoo guests may see some stumbling stripes in the Grevy's zebra yard. On the morning of August 19, Denver Zoo welcomed the birth of an endangered, Grevy's (Greh-veez) zebra. At just over a day old the unnamed foal, whose gender is still not known, is still trying to figure out how to use its long, wobbly legs and rarely ventures more than a few feet away from its mother, Crestone. Guests can see mom and foal with the entire herd in the yard now.


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