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Visitors Can See Gerenuk Calf "Blossom" Now

Denver Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of Blossom, the first gerenuk (Gair-uh-nook) ever to be born at the zoo. The female calf was born March 6 to mother, Layla, and father, Woody, and is the third generation female currently living in the gerenuk exhibit. The species is known to be shy and are expert hiders, but guests may be able to catch a glimpse of Blossom in her yard now, weather depending.

Seasonal Maps will Encourage Exploration and Learning through Play 

Denver Zoo is excited to partner with The Goddard School for Early Childhood Development in the creation of a special map to encourage learning through play. The seasonal activity map, developed for families with children ages one to six-years-old, will feature 20 different areas around the zoo for kids to find, explore and experience. Both organizations embrace the learning through play approach, and will launch new activities at the zoo that deliver a creative, fun and engaging learning environment.

Zoo takes over Conservation Programs of Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge 

Denver Zoo conservation biologists are studying the effects bison have on their ecosystem in northern New Mexico. This is one of several projects the zoo is undertaking as it takes over management of the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge, near the small town of Watrous. The zoo's primary goals for Rio Mora are to pursue wildlife conservation and research, restore ecosystems and water flow, disseminate information to like minded individuals in the regions, and provide conservation education.

Guests Will Support Denver Zoo's Groundbreaking Sustainability Programs 

Tickets for Denver Zoo’s most anticipated summer event, the 24th Annual Do At The Zoo on June 20, are on sale now! Presented by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, the funds raised at this year’s event will be dedicated to the zoo’s groundbreaking sustainability programs. The evening is guaranteed to highlight Denver’s best restaurants and entertainment at one of wildest local venues.

Denver Zoo is deeply saddened to announce the death of "Tawny," a 15-year-old female South African lion. After conducting emergency exploratory surgery, Denver Zoo vets found several critical health issues from which Tawny would not be able to recover. Veterinary staff made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize her during the procedure on Wednesday, February 27 at Denver Zoo.

"This is always so difficult. We've had Tawny in our family since the opening of Predator Ridge in 2004. She was an excellent mom and guests voted her Mother of the Year in 2005," says Denver Zoo Curator of Large Mammals Hollie Colahan. "She was a wonderful animal and we will miss her very much."

Guests Who Wear White on February 27 Will Also Receive Buy One, Get One Free Admission 

Denver Zoo is encouraging the public to bundle up for polar bears. In celebration of International Polar Bear Day on Wednesday, February 27, the zoo and Polar Bears International invite people to take the "Thermostat Challenge" by turning down the temperature in their home by two degrees to preserve polar bear habitat. Guests can further show their support on the day by wearing white to the zoo and receiving buy one, get one free admission. 

Zoo's Largest Fundraiser Takes Form Under Magner's Leadership 

Community fundraiser Katie Magner is supporting Denver Zoo by serving as Chair for the 2013 Do At The Zoo gala set for June 20, 2013. This year guests of the zoo's largest fundraiser and Denver's favorite summer party will support the zoo's groundbreaking sustainability programs. 

42-Year-Old Elephant from Fort Worth Zoo Joins Longtime Resident Dolly 

Denver Zoo's new Asian elephant, Kimbo, can now be seen by guests to Denver Zoo in the parlor of the Clayton F. Freiheit Elephant House in Toyota Elephant Passage. Kimbo, a 42-year-old female, arrived from Fort Worth Zoo in December and spent the last couple months getting acquainted with her new state-of-the-art indoor quarters while she cleared a mandatory quarantine process. 

Wild Summer Camp Includes Animal Study, Environmental Challenges and Zoo Careers

Calling all Zooper Heroes! Registration for the Denver Zoo's Summer Safari camp begins January 29. The wildest summer camp in town is a fun-filled educational experience for animal lovers from Pre-K through 8th grades. Campers participate in hands-on activities, zoo exploration, animal encounters and observations, crafts, games, stories, projects, and more. Camps run weekly from June 3 through August 9. To meet the registration challenges resulting from high demand, the zoo will be rolling out registration over the course of seven days beginning at 7 a.m. on January 29.

Visitors Can See Him in his Habitat Now!

A new male red panda has arrived at Denver Zoo as a suitable mate for the zoo's lone female, Daisy. Chewbacca, a 6-year-old, comes from the Detroit Zoo to continue Denver Zoo's successful conservation of the species. He spent the holidays behind-the-scenes, but now visitors can see him exploring his outdoor habitat. 


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