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Our planet faces great challenges, many of which threaten the earth’s health and biodiversity. At Denver Zoo we strive to discover innovative solutions to secure a better future for the planet. We inspire zoo visitors and communities to meaningfully reduce their impact by providing a model for sustainable practices.

At Denver Zoo our goal is to operate in the most environmentally, socially and economically friendly manner possible. Through the prevention of pollution, continuous improvement of our operations to ensure sustainability and meeting or exceeding all environmental regulations, Denver Zoo is taking positive action to secure a healthy planet for both animals and humans. 

Denver Zoo Sustainability Policy (PDF)

Denver Zoo Safety Policy (PDF)



Energy Conservation

Sometimes it takes hard work to use less energy. At Denver Zoo, we’ve enacted frequent energy audits, modified exhibits, buildings, the parking garage, and even our behaviors with the goal of reducing our energy consumption by 30% by the year 2020.

Working on reducing our energy usage by maximizing efficiency, we also will decrease the Zoo’s impact on climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy generation.


Water Conservation


The water we save at Denver Zoo is more than a drop in the bucket. Through improvements and innovations in our water filtration systems, maximizing the use of reuse water and utilizing water-wise landscaping, we’ve saved on average 214 million gallons annually compared to levels used in 1999.

Denver Zoo focuses on behavioral changes and innovative applications to dramatically reduce our water consumption, while maintaining high quality for our exhibits. 


Alternative Transportation


We discourage staff and visitors from being “SOVs” (Single Occupancy Vehicles). By asking them to make healthy choices such as taking walks or riding bikes they also make healthy choices for the planet. We encourage and incentivize our staff and visitors to use public transportation, carpool and use fuel-efficient vehicles.




We like to think globally and eat locally-and so do our animal friends. Denver Zoo works closely with local farms and schools to supply produce for the animals and we grow fruits and vegetables on site that feed our animals and are used in our restaurants.

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