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Animal Conservation

Preserve, Guard and Protect

Conservation is the act of preserving, guarding or protecting something of value. At Denver Zoo, we strive for careful management of the environment and its wealth of natural resources and biodiversity. We value all animals, big and small, from all over the world. We envision a world where all people appreciate, respect and conserve animals and their habitats globally. Central to Denver Zoo's conservation efforts is the Department of Conservation & Research, which has provided dedicated staff and funding to support more than 600 projects both in the wild and at the zoo since 1996. The Zoo also serves as a primary regional resource for local wildlife conservation through programs that encourage the protection of animals and their ecosystems, promote the advancement of conservation science and provide enjoyable conservation education for our visitors.




Connect, Inspire, Empower

Denver Zoo’s professional educators and dedicated volunteers provide rich experiences and animal programs that create defining moments. Every year, Denver Zoo inspires more than two million people to respect, value and care for the natural world through animal shows, classes, camps, volunteer stations, guided tours, themed exhibits and up-close animal encounters.

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Sustainability - "The Greenest Zoo"


Our planet faces great challenges, many of which threaten the earth’s health and biodiversity. At Denver Zoo we strive to discover innovative solutions to secure a better future for the planet. We inspire zoo visitors and communities to meaningfully reduce their impact by providing a model for sustainable practices.

At Denver Zoo our goal is to operate in the most environmentally, socially and economically friendly manner possible. Through the prevention of pollution, continuous improvement of our operations to ensure sustainability and meeting or exceeding all environmental regulations, Denver Zoo is taking positive action to secure a healthy planet for both animals and humans. 

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Take Action

You Can Help Secure a Better World for Animals!

The path to fulfilling Denver Zoo’s mission lies in successfully engaging guests, inspiring their connections with animals, and motivating them to take conservation actions. Ultimately, these are the goals of every zoo education program or experience at the zoo and in the community.

Every guest at Denver Zoo helps animals just by visiting the park. Through engaging experiences and conversations, staff and volunteers share a spectrum of actions visitors can undertake to support the care for zoo animals and help protect wildlife locally and around the world. 

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