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Self Guided Field Trips

Visit Denver Zoo at your own pace!

A trip to the zoo offers life science learning experiences year-round with a variety of programs – including animal feedings and demonstrations – included in your admission.

Important Forms and Resources:


Year-round Monday – Friday
10+ group & Advance Registration Required for Discount


PreK-12 Self-Guided Field Trip with Reservation
Students (minimum of 10 required) - $5
Adult/Parent Chaperones - $5
Teachers and School Staff - Free
Assistants/Aides for Special Needs Students – Free


College Self-Guided Field Trip with Reservation          
Students $7
Teachers and School Staff - Free
Assistants/Aides for Special Needs Students – Free


To be eligible for Discounted School Group Admission Rates, a group must:

  • Have status as an accredited public, private, or charter school in session, a preschool following an academic curriculum, or other school-based program (i.e. home school
  • Have a minimum of 10 students to qualify for the discounted rate, if not, will be paying general admission prices.
  • Private, community-based groups do not qualify for School Group pricing, but may be eligible for discounted group sales rates. For more information, email


  • When submitting an email reservation request, you may choose our pre-payment option or pay-at-the-gate.
    • For pre-payment with email forms, your reservation request form must be received and confirmed at least three weeks prior to your intended visit date. On your form, check the box to indicate you wish to pre-pay. After your request is confirmed you will receive an email with your confirmation attached as well as your pre-payment form.
    • You are responsible for submitting a check or credit card information to Denver Zoo by the deadline listed on your invoice (at least two weeks prior to your trip). Once payment is received a packet with wristbands for zoo admission will be sent to you.
    • For pay-at-the gate, your reservation request form must be received at least two weeks prior to your intended visit date. Check the box on your Reservation Request Form to indicate you do not wish to pre-pay. When you arrive at the zoo, please have an exact count of your students, teachers, and adult chaperone and be prepared to pay in one transaction (single credit card transaction, check or cash (large bills). If your check is for more than the amount due, a refund check will be mailed to the school. (We do not accept personal checks- school checks only)
    • You will receive your wristbands once you arrive at the zoo to check in.
  • PreK-12 Registration or College Registration-- once your Self-Guided Field Trip is confirmed when you receive confirmation from the zoo by email. If you have not received confirmation within one week of submitting your request, please email us at
  • PLEASE NOTE: Wristbands are non-transferable, non-replaceable tickets for admission into the zoo. Denver Zoo is not responsible for lost or missing wristbands.


Expedite your entry into the Zoo!
Payment is expected at time of online registration.

  • Any reservations made online must be completed no later than three weeks prior to the date of your intended visit
  • Be prepared with an exact count of your students, adult chaperones, and school staff when you make your online reservation. The Zoo recommends you estimate your numbers as accurately as possible; the counts you provide will determine the number of admission wristbands your group receives.
  • Register Online -- get confirmation within a business day! Payment is expected at the time of online registration. Use your school’s phone number (no spaces or dashes) as your login and password USERNAME:(school phone number) PASSWORD:(school phone number)
  • Wristbands for Online Reservations
    • After you make your reservation and pre-pay online, you will receive an email confirming your field trip (usually within one business day). At least one week prior to your scheduled visit, we will mail you a Field Trip packet containing: a field trip guide, reproducible handouts for chaperones and ZOO WRISTBANDS that serve as admission tickets for every student, adult and staff member you included in your reservation.
    • To expedite your entrance to the zoo, please ensure that every student, adult chaperone, and staff member is wearing their wristband prior to arrival at the Zoo.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Wristbands are non-transferable, non-replaceable tickets for admission into the zoo. Denver Zoo is not responsible for lost or missing wristbands.



Compliance with Chaperone Policy is required to remain eligible for Discounted School Group RatesDownload a one-page guide to give your parent and adult chaperones.

  • One adult per 10 students is REQUIRED for all groups (ECE-Grade 12).
  • School staff are admitted for free with staff ID.
  • One adult per special needs student is admitted free.
  • Adult chaperones paid for as part of the school group payment (single form of payment; one transaction for entire group) receive discounted admission rate of $5 each. Adults paying separately must pay full admission prices (Nov-Feb $12/March-Oct $15) or use their membership card.
  • Additional adults and children entering the zoo before or after the school group must pay full admission price when they arrive, or they may use their membership for themselves only.
  • Chaperones must be at least 21 years old.
  • Chaperones must stay with their assigned group at all times.
  • Adults bringing younger siblings/babies in strollers are welcome but may NOT be counted as chaperones and must pay full admission prices or use their Memberships. Extra children are subject to full admission prices.



Member adults chaperoning a field trip can enter through the Membership window with their Membership card and appropriate identification Member adults bringing additional children or younger siblings are not considered Field Trip chaperones and cannot be counted toward the 1:10 required ratio. Member students attending the trip cannot use their zoo membership for field trips and will need to pay the same fees as their classmates.


For All School Group Field Trips
If you must cancel or reschedule a reserved field trip, kindly give Denver Zoo as much notice as possible. Please call 720-337-1641 or email to cancel or reschedule your visit.

For Field Trips that have been Pre-Paid
If you need to cancel your trip, full refunds can be given without penalty if you return the entire quantity of zoo wristbands within two weeks of your original visit date. You may also choose to keep your zoo wristbands, as they can be used for your next school group visit or given to other groups in your school. (Note: wristbands may not be used for individual children or families to visit the Zoo.) If you have ordered more wristbands than you need, unused paid wristbands may be used on your next school group visit or returned to Denver Zoo for a full refund if received within two weeks of the date of your visit. To return extra paid wristbands, please stop by the Guest Relations office on the day of your visit to pick up a “Wristband Return Envelope and Form.” Complete the form and include your unused wristbands in the sealed envelope, which you may leave with Guest Relations or mail in. Your refund will be processed within two weeks of receiving your request.


Be sure to download our field trip planning guide to ensure you have a great day! 


  • Buses enter the east parking lot through the Bus Entrance off 23rd Ave. (not at the main entrance). Parking is free.
    • Groups Arriving August - early April: Check in and enter at Main Gate.
    • Groups Arriving mid-April - May: Check in and enter at the seasonal School Group Gate (east parking lot)
    • Groups Arriving June – July: Check in and enter at Main Gate
  • When you arrive at the zoo, please organize students into supervised groups with their adult/teacher chaperones (1 adult for every 10 students is required.)
  • When entering the zoo, a lead teacher should alert the security staff member at the Gate to the name of your school, and everyone -- students, adults, and teachers -- should show their wristband as they enter the zoo.
  • We recommend that all students, adult chaperones and teachers should put their wristbands on prior to arriving at the zoo, this will expedite the process of entering.


Your Ticket to the Zoo!

  • When you arrive at the zoo, one representative should go to the Cashier Booth with an exact count of how many additional students, adults and teachers you have.
  • Please be prepared to pay in a single transaction (one check, one credit card transaction, or one cash payment) for all wristbands needed.
  • You will be charged the same discounted school group rate for any additional wristbands you purchase at the gate.
  • If you have more wristbands that you need, you may choose to hold onto unused, extra wristbands and share them with other groups within your school, or use them for future school visits. (Wristbands may not be used for individual or family visits to the zoo.)
  • Alternatively, any unused paid wristbands may be returned to Denver Zoo for a full refund if bands are received within two weeks of the date of your visit. Please see “Wristband Return Form” for full policy and return information.


Limited scholarship funds are available for self-guided field trips that take place August-March; there are no self-guided field trip scholarship funds available in April, May, June and July.  However, scholarship funds are awarded for educational programs (classes, assemblies, workshops) year round. Enroll your class in an educational program and make the most of your time at the zoo!

To apply for scholarship funding, fill out an application for Denver Zoo’s Red Apple Scholarship. This application also serves as your field trip reservation request; no additional reservation form is required.


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