orangutan stuffed animal in tree

Sumatran Orangutan

Cuddle Up with the Animal Kingdom’s Favorite Redhead

Please join us in congratulating first-time mom Eirina on the birth of a healthy (and adorable) bébé! This brings our Sumatran orangutan family to a thriving six members, including mom and baby PLUS Jaya, Berani, Cerah and Hesty.

This intelligent and fascinating species is Critically Endangered. With your symbolic adoption, you’re helping to ensure these amazing individuals continue to get world-class care. You’re also supporting our work with the Species Survival Program, which helps zoos and aquariums around the world optimize the health and breeding of their animal residents.

In-Person Adoption PLUS| $60


  • 4x6 Photo of Your Animal
  • Snuggly Plush Sumatran Orangutan
  • Letter from Sumatran Orangutan Animal Care Specialists
  • Personalized Adoption Certificate (sent via email)
  • PLUS an $8 Designated Donation to Orangutan Care