Bring The Zoo to You - Outreach Enrichment and Afterschool Programs

Denver Zoo offers unique experiences for youth enrolled in programs outside of the normal school day.  These experiences are ideal for youth enrolled in extended day or afterschool programs, summer camps, and community center or library programming.  Our programs can run for multiple days per week. We work with larger group sizes, mixed ages, and incorporate active and extended learning experiences.  

For our extended learning experiences, please visit our STEM Multi-contact Enrichment Programs Page (Ages 3 – 11).
For one-time programming for a mixed-age group larger than 30 participants, please visit our Assemblies Page (Ages 5 – Adult).
For one-time programming for a group of less than 30 participants, please see below.

Program Information

The Great Mountain Mystery (K-1st Grade)

Investigate a “crime scene” and analyze evidence to determine which animal stole the mountain animals’ winter food stash. Compare tracks and skulls to learn about the diversity of mountain wildlife, and meet a live animal ambassador from this habitat.

Adapt That! (2nd – 3rd grade)

Use scientific observation to compare the adaptations of two live animals to draw conclusions about their natural habitats. Learn the differences between physical and behavioral adaptations with a catchy rap!

Snap N graph (4th-5th grade)

Get empowered to help animals in our local community! Engage in one of Denver Zoo’s Conservation Biology Department’s citizen science projects, and analyze real images from wildlife camera traps along I-70. Meet an animal impacted by the I-70 mountain corridor, and discover innovations that help people and wildlife coexist.


Additional Information

Due to the nature of live animals, Denver Zoo Outreach cannot guarantee which animals are at any program.
Animals in programs may eat nuts.  Be aware of allergies.

Denver Zoo Outreach space requirements:

  • Ground level or elevator access.
  • An unloading and parking area close to the program location, with access for a rolling cart.
  • At least 1 large table (6-8 feet preferred).
  • An adult representative in the room during the program.
  • Some classes have additional requirements, such as extra tables or space.
  • No other activities during both setup and presentation.
  • No food or drink.
  • No other animals.
  • Presenter will arrive 15-30 minutes prior to setup.
  • Programs should take place indoors unless otherwise discussed with the Logistics Specialist.