Denver Zoo Map
July 1, 2017


Denver Zoo’s new temporary exhibit has officially opened to guests

The wait is over; dinosaurs have officially taken over Denver Zoo! The Zoo’s newest temporary exhibit, Dinos! Live at Denver Zoo, supported by Your Hometown Toyota Stores, opened this morning, July 1, and runs through October 31, 2017. The exhibit features 21 of the “terrible lizard” sculptures, 18 of which are animatronic. Perfect for all ages, this exhibit offers the chance for guests to see these prehistoric creatures brought to life among the Zoo’s living animals. It is also included with the price of regular admission.

“As families are planning their summer outings and trips, we are thrilled to offer this exhibit for visitors,” said Sr. Director of Guest Experiences Brad Parks. “We hope that the dinosaurs throughout the park help us not only get kids excited about this prehistoric zoology we have to learn from, but also about the amazing animals we have at the Zoo every day.”

The sculptures are positioned throughout the Zoo, located near Zoo residents they share something in common with. For example, an Edmontonia, a leaf-eating dinosaur, is positioned in a garden near other plant-eating animals, while a Utahraptor, a feathered species, is outside Bird World. From the familiar Tyrannosaurus rex to the lesser known Carnotaurus, guests will “ooh” and “aah” as they watch the dinosaurs move and roar. One dinosaur, a Dilophosaurus, even sprays water! A fossil dig will give budding paleontologists the chance to get their hands dirty while discovering dinosaur bones. Additionally, a non-robotic dinosaur—or a “Selfie-saurus”— is a photo-opportunity for guests to sit on and pose for photos.

“Overall, we hope our guests compare our dinosaurs to our living animals here at the Zoo,” said Parks. “While they learn about these dinosaur adaptations, we’re hoping we can also teach them more about living animals’ adaptations as well. All of that is information that helps people care about them more to help and conserve them.”

The fun also continues throughout July at DINOS! Prehistoric Party, where guests of all-ages can get an even deeper dinosaur experience. In addition to seeing the sculptures and Zoo’s animals after-hours, the event will include family-friendly entertainment, such as craft stations, games, animal demonstrations, fruit carving and more! DINOS! Prehistoric Party dates are July 8, 15, 22 and 29. To purchase tickets and get more information about this, and other events associated with the exhibit, please visit our events page.

This is the third year Denver Zoo has welcomed a temporary exhibit. In 2015, intricate LEGO® animal sculptures were installed as part of Nature Connects®, Art with LEGO® Bricks, brought to you by The Goddard Schools. Last year, sculptures made of sea debris made a splash with guests during Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea, presented by CH2M.

For a full list of dinosaurs, and their locations, please visit our website.