Event Enhancements

Looking for ways to take your event to the next level? Denver Zoo offers a variety of options to enhance and enrich your event from animal encounters to rides on the Conservation Carousel. See below for all event enhancement options.

Click below to download a full list (including pricing) for all event enhancement add-on options available for each of the different rentals types.


ANIMAL AMBASSADOR MEET-AND-GREETS (Public Hours Events & After Hours Events/Buyouts)

Meet some of our most charismatic Animal Ambassadors and get to chat with some of our zookeepers about our furry, scaly, or feathery critters! Our Animal Ambassadors participate in training demonstrations and pop-up animal demonstrations; you'll learn from our experts about the unique personalities and characteristics of each amazing individual! With zookeepers in charge of your adventure, every experience is different. We cannot guarantee a specific animal, but every possible combination is pretty...well...WILD.

PRIVATE GIRAFFE FEEDING (Public Hours Events & After Hours Events/Buyouts - up to 30 guests)

For some of our smaller groups, we are able to offer a personal and unique experience with our 3 reticulated giraffes. Join our amazing herd (including Heshi, Kipele, and our resident class clown, Dobby) for an exciting and exclusive up-close feeding! With this special and intimate experience, you'll have the opportunity to "buy out" a giraffe feeding for up to 30 people. Our knowledgeable giraffe experts will be on hand to help you get to know each member of the herd as you learn about their unique personalities and biology—including their prehensile tongues, 25-pound hearts, and adorable ossicones.


You’ll get the opportunity to meet one of our male elephants: Groucho, Billy, Bodhi, Chuck, or Jake. Regardless of who it is, you can expect an entertaining and educational show! Weather dependent. Seats up to 400 guests.


Add a private, behind-the-scenes close-up experience with the lions or hyenas to your event. Find out how zookeepers monitor their health and keep them engaged and active every day. Consistenting of a few different options, based on animal schedule and welfare, Predator Ridge Demonstrations may include keeper talks, pole feedings, and/or scatter feedings during the event.


Both playful and intelligent, the sea lions are ready to impress as they work with their keepers through their daily training routines. Add this unique experience on to watch our sea lions make a splash and discover just how loud they can be.

STINGRAY COVE (After Hours Events/Buyouts)

A beautiful shade structure permits us to offer an open-air Stingray Cove experience seasonally, April through November. With 40 free-swimming animals, this state-of-the-art interactive exhibit offers you and your guests the opportunity to interact with our gentle cownose and southern stingrays as they glide around the 15,000-gallon tank they share with friendly bamboo and bonnet head sharks.


TRAIN (Public Hours Events & After Hours Buyouts)

Take a ride on the wild side! Climb aboard the Pioneer Train at Denver Zoo. Perfect for families with little ones, the train offers a quick trip around the zoo’s Carousel Meadow filled with beautiful lush foliage, under the shade of 100-year-old trees. Hop aboard and enjoy seeing our American and Chilean flamingos (during the summer) and other waterfowl just outside the zoo’s Primate Panorama exhibit. Denver Zoo’s Pioneer Train is the first natural gas-powered zoo train in any zoo in the United States.

CAROUSEL (Public Hours Events & After Hours Buyouts)

You can also take a trip around the animal world on Denver Zoo’s Endangered Species Carousel! It features hand-carved wooden replicas of some of Denver’s most popular residents including a polar bear mom and cubs, giraffes, okapi, and baby gorilla.

4D THEATRE (Public Hours Events & After Hours Buyouts)

Our 4D Theatre uses built-in motion and special-effects in the seats and throughout the theater to make you feel the action on the screen! Our 15-minute shows run every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour.


FACE PAINTING ARTISTS (Public Hours Events & After Hours Events/Buyouts)

Delight both children and adults alike with some of Denver’s highly talented face painters. These works of art range from fun cheek designs to full-face masterpieces. The artists can accommodate up to 30 face paintings per hour. A great way to add some fun and entertainment to your party, gathering, or private event.

CARICATURE ARTISTS (Public Hours Events & After Hours Events/Buyouts)

Colorful, fanciful, and stunning designs, hand drawn by Denver’s highly talented and creative caricature artists, who can accommodate up to 15 guests per hour. You are also able to order customized paper with your graphic, text, or logo.

GIANT LAWN GAMES (Public Hours Events & After Hours Events/Buyouts)

Colorful, fanciful, and stunning designs, hand drawn by Denver’s highly talented and creative caricature artists, who can accommodate up to 15 guests per hour. You are also able to order customized paper with your graphic, text, or logo.

VW PHOTO BUS (Public Hours Events & After Hours Events/Buyouts)

Add a private photo booth bus, for up to 4 hours, to your event to capture the fun memories and keep forever. Includes unlimited photo strip prints with a customized logo specifically for your event. For digital distribution, all photos are uploaded to an online gallery which can be password protected and distributed to all the event attendees. This photo bus also comes with a variety of fun props to create some exciting and fun memories that you can take with you.

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