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DATE Every day in October

TIME All Day Event

AGES All ages

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Wild Fall

Daytime delights. Every day in October.

You can get candy and costumes just about anywhere. But there’s only ONE place to experience Wild Fall: Denver Zoo! This family-focused daytime “falloween” celebration brings even MORE everyday enchantment to our 84-acre campus.  

Super. Natural. Spectacular. 

Here at Denver Zoo, we’re passionate about ALL wildlife, even the creatures that inhabit only our wildest imagination! CRYPTIDS are animals that are believed, but which haven’t exactly been proven, to exist. Think: Bigfoot, El Chupacabra, Mothman and other critters of their kind.  

As you explore the Zoo, you’ll find convincing evidence that these mythical beasts walk among us—with costumes and characters, creature-carved pumpkins, festive food + drink, and special animal demos that connect these supernatural beings to the real-life natural world. With the crisp autumn weather, colorful leaves and eerie extras, it’s a truly magical time to see a new side of your Zoo! 

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Let’s Get Mystical, Mystical

  • Family-focused daytime “falloween” spectacular
  • Cryptid-themed professional pumpkin carvings
  • Exclusive animal demos with supernatural vibes
  • Special spooky cocktails + festive autumnal eats
  • Safe + socially distanced outdoor celebration
  • This event replaces Boo at the Zoo (see details below)


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