Stingray Cove™ Experience

Get a Feel for Sea Life!

Stingray Cove is a seasonal, open-air interactive experience that allows you to get up-close and personal with four beautiful species of sea life. Inspired by the unique landscape and vibrant culture of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, this permanent seasonal open-air habitat gives you the chance to touch and feed gentle cownose and southern stingrays as they swoop and glide freely around the 15,000-gallon tank they share with peaceful bamboo and bonnethead sharks. 

Choice, Collaboration + Care 

As with all animals at Denver Zoo, our stingrays and sharks always have a choice about interacting with guests—so the habitat is designed with special “quiet zones” in which they can seek privacy whenever they wish. In collaboration with Living Exhibits, our world-class Animal Care team closely monitors the animals for optimal health and happiness. And here’s another “fin fact”: the seafood our sharks and stingrays receive is high-enough quality to go on your plate! 

Cultural Connection + Environmental Action 

Stingray Cove’s colorful beating heart is a mural imagined and created by Colorado-based Mexican artist Armando Silva. The mural’s central image, a loggerhead turtle—a species native to Baja, which can support more than 100 marine species within the microcosm of its shell—is a metaphor for our own shared responsibility for wildlife protection. This vibrant visual ofrenda (offering) honors the beautiful, blended textures of our mestizaje (mixed heritage) while inviting our cultures and communities to come together in service of this beautiful planet we share.



Cownose ray

Bamboo shark

Southern stingray

Leopard shark


• 15,000-gallon habitat   

• 40 free-swimming animals  

• 5,500 square feet of shady space 

• Baja-inspired beach-bar concessions