Summer Safari Schedules 2022

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Zooper Keepers

2nd and 3rd Grade

Camp Description

At Denver Zoo, we care for over 3,000 different animals!  Your camper will think like a Denver Zoo keeper, discover the unique needs of our individual animals, and complete animal care challenges, such as designing a diet for a monkey and creating a playground for a three-legged dog.  Do you have what it takes to be a Zooper Keeper? Join in on the fun and come explore the many ways Denver Zoo keepers care for our animals.

Week Overview

Daily Schedule Subject to Change

**Ask your camper the questions below to learn about their day!



  • Question of the Day:
    • AM: Why would you train a zoo cat like Nikita?
    • PM: How would you train a zoo cat like Nikita? 
  • Zoo Exploration: Toyota Elephant Passage, Village Hall, The Edge
  • Animal Experience: Who did I meet today?
  • Engineering Challenge: 
    • Campers design a training tool
    • What did you design? What animal is it for? How does it help the animal?
  • Biofact Exploration: What are biofacts? What did we see?
  • Further Exploration: Predator Ridge - Lions


  • Question of the Day: 
    • How can water in exhibits encourage zoo animals to show natural behaviors? 
  • Zoo Exploration: Stingray Cove, Tropical Discovery
  • Animal Experience: Who did I meet today?
  • Engineering Challenge:
    • Campers create an aquatic exhibit that encourages natural behaviors.
    • What did you create? How does it encourage nature behaviors?
  • Further ExplorationToyota Elephant Passage, Sea Lions


  • Question of the Day: 
    • How do zookeepers take care of Nigel and ensure that he has a happy, active life? 
  • Zoo Exploration: Predator Ridge - African Wild Dog
  • Animal Experience: Who did I meet today?
  • Engineering Challenge:
    • Campers design ways to help Nigel
    • What did you create? Who is Nigel? Why does he need additional help?
  • Further Exploration: African and Humboldt Penguins, Cinereous Vultures - other animals that have special needs

**City Park Fountains!


  • Question of the Day: 
    • How can the design of an enclosure help an animal stay (or get more) physically fit? 
  • Zoo Exploration: Primate Panorama and Emerald Forest
  • Animal Experience: Who did I meet today?
  • Engineering Challenge:
    • Campers build a new enclosure that helps keep a primate physically fit
    • What did you create? How does it keep primates fit?
  • Further Exploration: Sheep Mountain and Monkey Island


  • Question of the Day: 
    • How do Zoo(per) Keepers use food and enrichment to help care for animals in fun ways? 
  • Zoo Exploration: Outdoor Bird Exhibits, Keas, Llamas
  • Engineering Challenge:
    • Campers build enrichment for an animal's birthday!
    • What did you make? What materials did you use?
  • Further Exploration:  Camper's choice! Which animals did we see?


  • Camp runs in rain or shine. Make sure your camper is dressed for the weather.
  • Campers are required to bring:
    • Backpack
    • Sack lunch + 2 snacks
    • Water bottle
  • Please note the day your child’s camp group will take a walking field trip to the City Park H20 Odyssey Fountains. While playing in the fountains, campers must keep their camp shirt and pants/shorts on – quick dry shoes and shorts are recommended on this day, but not required. Campers are welcome to bring a change of clothes, but are usually dry by the time we return to the zoo.
  • Drop-off and Pick-up occurs at the Special Programs Entrance (Gate 1), according to their designated time window. 
    • Drop-off:
      • 8:45-9:00 AM – 6-8th Grade + 2-3rd Grade 
      • 9:00-9:15 AM – 4-5th Grade + K-1st Grade 
    • Pick-up:
      • 3:45-4:00 PM -- 6-8th Grade + 2-3rd Grade 
      • 4:00-4:15 PM – 4-5th Grade + K-1st Grade 
  • You will need to bring an ID every day for pick-up.

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