Your generous donation to Denver Zoo scholarships and Denver youth education helps us make the wonder of wildlife accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Support Education

Access, Empathy + Impact for the Next Generation

When people feel a connection to our animals, their history and their habitats, they begin to grasp their role in the bigger picture of our planet. By bringing students of all ages eye-to-eye with our amazing animals, Denver Zoo’s award-winning education programs forge relationships that are critical to the survival of ALL species...including ours.

As Colorado’s oldest and most passionate advocate for wild animals and wild places, Denver Zoo is proud to engage learners of all ages, almost every day of the year. When you support education at Denver Zoo, you play a critical role in fostering the next generation of wildlife advocates—while actively helping us to live our mission of Inspiring Communities to Save Wildlife for Future Generations. 

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Access to Awe

Support for Denver Zoo’s comprehensive educational programs is vital to encouraging children to tap into the power of science. Our Access to Awe Denver Zoo scholarships are designed to remove financial barriers, opening up a world of opportunity to underserved communities in the Denver metro area and beyond. These scholarships offset the cost of science-based educational programs by up to 90%, including programs here on our campus and out in the community.

At-the-Zoo Education Programs

Nature Play, our award-winning Denver Youth education program for budding scientists, encourages kids to literally dig into the world around them—developing deep connections the natural world. Our four-season Safari Camps challenge K–12 kids to solve some of the planet’s most pressing problems. Our Bunk with the Beasts series invites kids and families to spend a night at the Zoo. We also host an annual Scout Night, with opportunities to earn badges. Animal lovers ages 9–18 can even spend a day immersed in the daily duties of a zookeeper.

Zoo-to-You Outreach Programs

In addition to our on-campus Denver youth education offerings, we also bring the natural world into communities throughout Colorado. From traveling science-based classes, assemblies and service-learning programs for school children to Creature Feature experiences for families and seniors, we’re working in neighborhoods all over the state to foster deeper, more meaningful connections between people and wild animals.

Education Adult Inclusion

Adult Education Programs

Denver Zoo prides itself on being able to accommodate virtually any level of interest in what we do. For the animal obsessed, our Up-Close Animal Encounters provide unforgettable hands-on access to our wonderful wildlife. Our Adult Volunteer program offers opportunities to work with guests, in horticulture, nutrition or animal care. And, did you know? Denver Zoo offers college graduates the chance to pursue a graduate degree in conservation biology, with a combination of online and in-person coursework.

Ambassadors in the Making

The animals under our care here at Denver Zoo serve as invaluable ambassadors for their counterparts in the wild. With your involvement in Denver youth education and Denver Zoo scholarships, our animals can help to convert the next generation of human ambassadors: informed, engaged learners who will one day inspire others to take action on their behalf.