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March 30, 2017


21 life-size dinosaur sculptures roar into the Zoo

After waiting 65 million years, dinosaurs will take over Denver Zoo this summer! The Zoo has partnered with Your Hometown Toyota Stores for the Zoo’s upcoming traveling exhibit, DINOS! Live at Denver Zoo. The exhibit, supported by six local Toyota stores, will journey into the Zoo on Saturday, July 1. Running through October 31, the exhibit features 21 life-size dinosaurs, 19 of which are animatronic. Perfect for all ages, this exhibit offers the chance to see these prehistoric creatures brought to life among the Zoo’s live animals.

“We are so pleased that Your Hometown Toyota Stores have chosen to be our Presenting Sponsor for this exciting, family-friendly exhibit,” says Denver Zoo Chief Development Officer Lance King. “Their longstanding support of Denver Zoo underscores their commitment to being involved with and in support of our community.”

From a Tyrannosaurus Rex, to the lesser known Citipati, 19 of the 21 jumbo dinosaurs move, roar and interact with guests. Plus, a fossil dig will give budding paleontologists the chance to get their hands dirty while discovering and excavating dinosaur bones! Additionally, a non-robotic dinosaur—or a “Selfie-saurus”— will act as a photo-opportunity for guests to sit on and pose for photos.

“We are so thrilled to bring our third traveling exhibit to Denver Zoo,” says Brad Parks, Senior Director of Guest Engagement. “DINOS! will be fun for the entire family to see, but it will also give visitors the opportunity to learn about these extinct beings, while comparing them to the living animals who call the Zoo home.”

The Zoo will host several events in conjunction with the exhibit. On July 8, 15, 22 and 29, guests of all-ages can get an even deeper dinosaur experience at the DINOS! Prehistoric Party. A members-only night will be held on Saturday, July 1.

In addition, during the fall, dinosaur sculptures made from pumpkins will emerge for DINOS! After Dark. The themed dinosaur and African safari pumpkins will be carved and stacked into a fun display. The event will run nightly October 12-15, 19-22 and 26-30 with a members-only preview October 5-8. Boo At The Zoo will run October 29 and 30.

Also, children will have the opportunity to see if they have what it takes to survive a night amongst the dinosaurs at DINOS! Safari CampOUT. Guides will have night vision scopes ready as campers explore the Zoo after hours to discover what dinosaurs and present-day animals have in common. Families, scouts and community and school groups are invited to sign up for this overnight adventure. Admission includes dinner, live animal encounters, campfire treats, safari tents for the evening and breakfast the following morning. DINOS! Safari CampOuts are offered July- September; visit the Zoo’s camps page for more details and to register.

The 21 dinosaur sculptures that will be showcased around the Zoo include:

  • Two brachiosaurus heads will peek over the rooftops as they greet guests from on top of the Zoo’s parking garage. They are 12.7-feet tall, 2-feet long, 2-feet wide and weigh 100 pounds.
  • A full-bodied, long-necked brachiosaurus will rest across from the Zoo's giraffes. It is 7.4-feet tall, 15.2-feet long, 5-feet wide and weighs 1100 pounds.
  • Carnotaurus is striped, and appropriately sits outside the tigers' new home The Edge. It is 10-feet tall, 6-feet long, 4.6-feet wide and weighs 1100 pounds.
  • Citipati: a feathered meat and plant eater, is outside Bird World, the Zoo's home to “living dinosaurs.” It is 6.2-feet tall, 8.1-feet long, 4-feet wide and weighs 500 pounds.
  • Coelophysis are social hunters and will be near the rotational lion/painted dog/hyena exhibit. Two are 4.7-feet tall, 9.2-feet long, 3.8-feet wide and weigh 400 pounds each. Another pair are  3.8-feet tall, 9.7-feet long, 2.10-feet wide and weigh 300 pounds each.
  • Diabloceratops is a big mama near Toyota Elephant Passage’s McGrath Family Amphitheater. It is 8.7-feet tall, 19-feet long, 7-feet wide and weighs 2000 pounds.
  • A Diabloceratops baby is near Toyota Elephant Passage’s McGrath Family Amphitheater. It is 2.10-feet tall, 6.4-feet long, 3-feet wide and weighs 300 pounds.
  • Dilophosaurus, with its colorful crest, will be outside Tropical Discovery. It is 8.6-feet tall, 20-feet long, 5-feet wide and weighs 1000 pounds.
  • A Dilophosaurus baby will be watching for guests to spray outside Tropical Discovery. It is 4.6-feet tall, 10-feet long and weighs 500 pounds.
  • Edmontonia will be near the okapi and other leaf-eating animals. It is 7.1-feet tall, 23.2-feet long, 7-feet wide and weighs 1600 pounds.
  • Fossil Dig features the bones of a Hadrosaur and is located near Conservation Carousel. It is 2-feet tall, 18-feet long, 4.2-feet wide and weighs 850 pounds.
  • Iguanodon will greet guests in Benson Predator Ridge with its turtle-like beak. It is 8.3-feet tall, 23-feet long, 6-feet wide and weighs 1685 pounds.
  • Photo-op Pachyrhinosaurs (Selfie-saurus) is near Conservation Carousel. It is 4.8-feet tall, 12-feet long, 7.7-feet wide and 1200 pounds.
  • A pair of Parasaurolophus, social nesters, will sit on their eggs near the flamingo pond. They are 9-feet tall, 6-feet wide and weighs 1400 pounds.
  • Stegosaurus, Colorado's State Fossil, will be near Sheep Mountain, where Colorado's State Mammal, the bighorn sheep lives. It is 5.11-feet tall, 12.6 feet long, 3.6 feet wide and weighs 1700 pounds.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex will be baring its teeth near Conservation Carousel. It is 12.8-feet tall, 39.6-feet long, 7-feet wide and weighs 5400 pounds.
  • Utahraptor, a feathered meat eater, will be outside Bird World. It is 7.8-feet tall, 21-feet long, 6-feet wide and weighs 1400 pounds.

To learn more and purchase tickets to Denver Zoo, please visit the Zoo’s website.