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Program Summary:

Learners are welcomed to the fictional Animal Academy, where they can join other viewers, as the latest class of recruits. This narrative is used to explore animal adaptations.


Adaptations, Structures, Functions and Behaviors

Big Idea:

The structures and behaviors of organisms enable life’s functions

Guiding Question:

What characteristics help an animal survive?

Intended Outcomes:

Learners will:

  • Feel- Inspired by the amazing adaptations of the animals at Denver Zoo.
  • Learn- Animals have specific body parts that help them survive in the wild.
  • Act- By recognizing adaptations of animals that they see when exploring their own neighborhoods.

Intended Experiences:

Learners will:

  • Make observations
  • Ask questions
  • Find connections

Animal Academy

Welcome to Denver Zoo’s Virtual Animal Academy, where animal experts like you get a chance to utilize your science skills in order to complete challenges!

Do you have what it takes to complete this rigorous training program?!

We bet you do! In order to prepare, you will need to collect the following science tools:

  • Your sense of wonder
  • Your science eyes to observe and discover
  • Your questioning mind to ask questions, and look for answers
  • Your documenting tools to record your findings; pencil, notebook, paper or the mission boards found here.

To begin your training:

  1. Watch the Mission video from Admiral Darwinia (above).
  2. The live Animal Academy training was at Denver Zoo on Friday, May 15th from 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM. Since the training date has passed, watch the video below and you'll be able to follow along with instructor Crystal.

Once you complete your training:

Print your Spots and Stripes Badge.

Good luck, and we can’t wait to continue your training at Denver Zoo soon!

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