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Are you interested in helping with the dirty side of a keeper’s job? This is the team for you! Keeper assistant jobs include helping with routine day-to-day work, such as cleaning, dish-washing and diet preparations.

Adult Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Information

While keeper assistants work near our animals, these positions do not involve direct animal contact, handling or training. In some cases you may not see an animal during your shift. Keeper Assistant jobs are not the most glamorous position in the Adult Volunteer program, but your efforts free up time for keepers to provide exceptional care for our animals. While our volunteers work in many areas of the zoo, we cannot guarantee that positions will be open in every area nor will we have enough open positions for every new volunteer. These positions require a negative tuberculosis test and additional training before you are able to volunteer.

When the application opens, we will post only the areas that have availability. Volunteers may select a preference, but animal care staff select individuals based on need.


Keeper Assistant volunteers must maintain an active volunteer status and provide a negative TB test result. They are required to commit to a recurring schedule of twice a month on a specific day of the week for a minimum of one year.

*Please note: Applications to the Denver Zoo Volunteer Program exceed the number of available positions in each training class. The selection of new volunteers is based on matching applicants with current zoo needs.


For more information, contact Brianna Cronin at (720) 337-1619 or

To be notified when applications open, please fill out our Interest Form HERE