June 17, 2020

Baby Boom

The Circle of Life Goes On During Our Closure with New Babies Awaiting Your Next Visit


Even though Denver Zoo was closed for 87 days, we never stopped caring for our 3,000 incredible animals, who were, umm, productive while you were away. We welcomed a diverse bevy of furry and scaly babies, from two adorable African lion cubs, to a critically endangered Sulawesi forest turtle. Read on below to get the latest on these youngsters:


African Lion Cubs

One of the brightest spots during our closure was the arrival of a pair of African lion cubs—one boy and one girl—at the end of April. These two have spent the last couple month behind the scenes bonding with mom, Kamara, and meeting the rest of the pride, including dad, Tobias, and half-brother, Tatu. They are now venturing out into their outdoor habitat—Pahali Ya Mwana in Benson Predator Ridge—and can be seen most days (weather dependent) from about 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Lion cubs


And we need your help welcoming Kamara’s two adorable new cubs into our “Colorado Pride” by giving them names with a distinct Centennial State flavor. By voting on names selected by the keepers, you’re helping us fund the care for lions here at the Zoo and their protection in the wild. Vote now!

Sulawesi Forest Turtle

Back in February, something very important happened behind the scenes in Tropical Discovery—a Sulawesi forest turtle hatched into the world. These critically endangered turtles, which are native to the northern forest of Sulawesi in Indonesia, are threatened by the illegal wildlife trade in East Asian markets and habitat destruction. Keepers say that this little hatching has gained 40 grams and is eating like a champ, and—knock on wood—should have sibling any day now.


Greater One-Horned Rhino

At 466 pounds, our sweet, sassy Joona is suddenly not so much of a baby anymore! Keepers report she now has all of her teeth, and is starting to eat solids, including hay, browse and fruit. She is an incredibly brave and curious rhino, learning how to swim in the “hot tub” in the outdoor habitat she shares with her mom, Tensing, in Toyota Elephant Passage. Best of all, now that we’re open, YOU can finally see her in person on your next visit!

Joona and browse (002)


Grevy’s Zebra

For the first time since 2015, we welcomed an endangered Grevy’s zebra colt. Born on May 8 to dad, Bakari, and mom, Fara, this bundle of striped joy, who his keepers have since named Kylo, is already up to 124 lbs. and growing fast. He spends his days eating hay, bouncing around his yard (located right next to the giraffes) and even tried vocalizing for the first time, which his keepers report sounded like a series of very loud burps!



Suphan Cobra

Our baby Suphan cobra hatched from an egg on April 17, and is the offspring of the two Suphan cobras on exhibit that have been here since 2006. This snake will be raised and housed at Denver Zoo to one day be a display animal. Suphan cobras' ventral (belly) scales are transparent when they are babies and you can actually see the heart, blood vessels and organs through them.  As they age, the scales thicken and the transparency goes away.

Baby cobra


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