January 24, 2019

Dine Sustainably for Denver Restaurant Week

Learn About the Sustainable Seafood Choices You Can Make for Denver Restaurant Week

For food lovers in the Mile High City, there’s no better time of year than Denver Restaurant Week! And if you’re also a wildlife lover, then we hope you’ll make menu choices that align with sustainable practices. Ordering sustainably caught or farmed seafood is a great way to enjoy a fantastic meal while keeping our oceans healthy.

Here at Denver Zoo, we make a special effort to order sustainable choices for our fish-loving residents. We prefer to feed sustainably caught or farmed fish and seafood to our seals, sea lions, and other pescatarian pals; but just as it is for diners at restaurants, sometimes it just isn’t an option. Even so, we do our best to make the right choices for our planet’s health.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to know if you’re ordering the right dish. Typically, shrimp, tilapia, rainbow trout, sturgeon and mussels are all great choices. If you want to learn more, Seafood Watch is a great resource. You can also download the Seafood Watch app for up-to-date seafood and sushi recommendations, information about the seafood you eat and to find or share restaurants that serve sustainable seafood.

Happy dining, and thank you for helping protect our planet with sustainable choices.


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