December 9, 2022

Our Home is Where Your Heart Is

This past year, your contribution helped us grow our home and expand our family. From our Boreal toad repopulation project, to emergency support for our Ukrainian colleagues, and all the new faces and spaces across campus, thank you for your heartfelt commitment to Denver Zoo.

Boreal Toad Release_Feat

Tadpole Takeover

Through our Boreal toad preservation program, Denver Zoo, in collaboration with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), introduced 570 tadpoles into the wetlands of Gunnison National Forest. Officials hope that this release could eventually host an established population of the rare amphibians.

“This was the result of a tremendous amount of hard work and planning by our partners at Colorado Parks & Wildlife, and members of our animal care and field conservation teams,” said Erica Elvove, Senior Vice President for Conservation Engagement and Impact at Denver Zoo. “Boreal toads face an extremely uncertain future in Colorado and have a good chance of going extinct without human intervention. We’re committed to continuing this effort with CPW for many years to come and doing our part to make sure the species remains part of Colorado’s ecosystem for future generations.”

Kyiv Zoo Image

Compassion for Kyiv

With the generous support of donors, Denver Zoo was able to distribute over $50,000 to three zoological organizations across Ukraine to help them care for their animals under extremely dangerous and difficult conditions.

“If there was no support of friends who send us money, it would be very, very difficult to buy the fruits and vegetables we buy for our primates every day,” said Kyiv Zoo Director, Kyrylo Trantin. “Our main goal is to make sure that our animals do not feel that something is wrong behind the fence. They must eat well, we must serve them very well and give them our love and respect.”

We are eternally grateful for the compassion of our donors. Thank you for your commitment to animal care here at Denver Zoo, and around the globe.


Bright New Faces

Throughout 2022, we had the great fortune of expanding our animal family. In March, we welcomed not one, but TWO baby bongos– Doug and Winston. July was also a busy month! Our Gerenuk herd grew with the birth of Gus and our Asian small-clawed otter duo became a trio with their first pup, Jai. Finally, in September, we introduced our guests to Chickpea, our tiniest golden lion tamarin. In addition, we also welcomed two new giraffes, BB and Jasiri, from neighboring zoos and invited three new red river hogs into our home – Harold, Phoebe and Harriett.


Fabulous New Spaces

Construction is well underway for our new flamingo habitat! With topography inspired by the Andean highlands, the new habitat will provide both the flamingos and their fans year-round access to both indoor and outdoor living spaces—including multiple wading pools, nesting islands and multiple vantage points for viewing our most fabulous flock.

Not only will this new enclosure provide a more enriching environment for our fabulous flock, it will help Denver Zoo highlight its field conservation work with the Chilean flamingos in Peru.



Thank you again for being such a committed member of our Denver Zoo family. From our home to your heart, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and good health throughout the New Year.


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