November 7, 2022

Zoo Lights: 5 Tips to Make Spirits Bright

Maximize the magic with these insider hacks


1. Zoo Lights WILL sell out most nights, so get your tickets in advance.

When it comes to holiday magic, you can always count on Zoo Lights—where natural wonders take on a whole new light. This year, for Conservation: Illumination, you'll enjoy enchanting additions like Aurora Borealis, Savannah Sunset and Electric Jungle. As the wildest Christmas lights in Denver, Zoo Lights does sell out most nights. We recommend planning ahead and securing tickets for your desired night well in advance. BUY NOW

2. Tickets are online only—please arrive with your PDF ready to show.

Remember, Zoo Lights tickets are NOT available at the gate. You’ll need to buy tickets in advance, for a specific date and time. After you purchase your tickets, you’ll receive an email confirmation and PDF attachment entitled “Tickets.” For speedy entry, please have your tickets pulled up on your phone (or printed, if you choose) when you arrive.

NOTE: Confirmation emails are NOT Zoo Lights tickets. We can't accept those at the gate.

3. Make spirits even brighter with our sparkling suite of add-ons!

Start a new tradition with one (or more) of our add-on packages! Our Glow Package includes custom 3-D HoloSpex glasses and a souvenir mug filled with your choice of hot cocoa or cider. The Zoo it All Pass gives you all-access pass to our train, carousel and 4D Experience. And the Zoo Lights Passport lets you indulge your wildest appetites—with a toasty beverage in a souvenir mug, PLUS your choice of seasonal treat!

4. Add some tall boys (and girls) to your menu. 

Make your evening completely unforgettable with a Giraffe Feeding! With this intimate experience, you'll have the opportunity to "buy out" a giraffe feeding for up to six people. Our knowledgeable giraffe experts will be on hand to help you get to know each member of the herd as you hand-feed them some of their favorite treats. BUY NOW

5. Find some nocturnal friends—and warm up in the process.

December evenings can be downright brisk here in Denver—so if you’re feeling the chill, it’s probably time to check out one of our indoor exhibits. Tropical Discovery is reliably cozy, with many species active after dark; don't forget to look up, as our new sloth tree should be swingin' slow motion, that is.

El Pomar Village Hall is home to fishing cats and Asian small-clawed otters, both of which are busy hunting and playing at night. This is an excellent chance to catch a glimpse of our otterly adorable power couple, Pintar and Bu, snuggling with baby Jai. Pachyderms are also often active and accessible in the you might see our elephants, rhinos and hippo out and about!

Gates close at 8:00 p.m. with 9:00 p.m. end time Sunday–Thursday. Gates close at 9:00 p.m. with 10:00 p.m. end time on Friday and Saturday. We hope you enjoy the wildest Christmas lights in Denver: Zoo Lights!