Guided Tours

Denver Zoo's traditional Guided Tours for School Groups are on hiatus for the remainder of the school year, as we envision an exciting new program to engage students on zoo grounds.

Zoo Ed-venture Treks, a facilitated group program in Toyota Elephant Passage, are still available, as are the classes, assemblies, and workshops listed in our School Experience section. We look forward to launching a new learning experience for students in the coming school year!

Program Information

Zoo Ed-Venture Treks (hybrids of guided tours and classes) 

Led by Zoo staff, these hands-on programs take place entirely in Toyota Elephant Passage, with animal guests and opportunities for observation, inquiry and discovery.

Amazing Animals (Pre-K –K)

Explore the characteristics of animals as we compare and contrast the animals of Toyota Elephant Passage. Aligned to CAS Preschool Science 2.1 & Kindergarten Science 2.1

Animal Connections (Grades K-1)

Discover how people connect with animals, here and around the world. Aligned to CAS Kindergarten Social Studies 2.1 & CAS First Grade Social Studies 2.2

Animals around the World (3rd Grade)

Journey through tropical Asia, as you discover how animals influence culture and contribute to a region’s uniqueness. Aligned to CAS Third Grade Social Studies 2.2

A Trek through the Tropics (4th Grade)

Investigate how Asian tropical ecosystems are similar to and different from other ecosystems around the world, including those in Colorado. Aligned to CAS Fourth Grade Science 2.1 & 2.3

Healthy Human, Healthy Animal (5th Grade)

Compare the management of healthy human body systems with the management of healthy animal body systems. Aligned to CAS Fifth Grade Social Studies 2.1 & 2.2


Sustainability Tour- still available

Sustainable World Program takes place throughout the zoo.

A Sustainable World; from Denver Zoo to You (6th Grade and up)

Learn more about Denver Zoo's sustainability efforts on a two-hour guided tour featuring some of the zoo's most signigicant contributions to making the world a better place. Participants will learn about energy and water conservation, local sourcing and more! Through the tour and hands-on activities participants will learn about the importance of sustainability and be inspired to live in harmony with nature in their own homes.