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Field Conservation

Since 1996, Denver Zoo has supported or directly participated in more than 600 conservation projects in 62 countries spanning six continents. As an organization, we dedicate time, training and more than $2 million per year to conservation efforts in Colorado, Latin America and Asia—with additional work on the horizon.
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About Our Holistic Approach

Denver Zoo's Field Conservation Department applies a holistic and adaptive approach to wildlife conservation. We prioritize landscapes and species with significant conservation needs, in places where we can make long-term commitments, engage partners and work with local communities to efficiently and responsibly address urgent threats to wildlife

Mongolia | 20+ Years

For more than 20 years, Denver Zoo worked in Mongolia's Ikh Nart Nature Reserve—home to a variety of iconic species, many of them threatened. Using the adaptive approach that would ultimately guide our efforts across five continents, our Field Conservation team helped transform Ikh Nart into a model protected area.

Peru | Since 2008

In an effort to bring the Endangered Titicaca water frog back from the brink of extinction, Denver Zoo has partnered with Lima’s Huachipa Zoo to create the first successful conservation breeding program for the species. We’ve also rallied 10,000+ local community members to conserve Lake Junín, home to the Endangered Lake Junín frog and Near-Threatened Chilean flamingo.

Vietnam | Since 2011

Thanks to the work of Denver Zoo and our partners, the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey may have a fighting chance. Fewer than 250 of these Critically Endangered primates are alive today—and more than half of them live in a remote Vietnamese forest reserve. Read on to learn how our innovative Rocket Stove and other efforts have helped light the fires of hope for the entire species.

Photo credit: Le Khac Quyet

Colorado | Since 2010

Here on our home turf, we work alongside a committed cadre of partners—including individuals, communities, industries and universities, non-profit organizations, agencies and more—to protect the species and ecosystems that define our Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. Click to read an overview of Denver Zoo's field conservation work from prairie to peak.

SPECIAL Projects


In addition to our four core field conservation programs, Denver Zoo saves wildlife around the world through the individual efforts of our staff and Research Associates.



As a non-profit organization, we often rely on the expertise of community scientistsdedicated lay volunteers who allow us to expand the reach of our conservation efforts. Join us!



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