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Passionate about wildlife and wild places? Denver Zoo needs you!

As a non-profit organization, we often rely on the expertise of community scientists: dedicated lay volunteers who allow us to expand the reach of our conservation efforts by  assisting with essential tasks in the field. Projects, locations and affected species vary, but we can guarantee you'll make a difference, working for a great cause in some of Colorado’s most breathtaking places! 

ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS: Our Community Science volunteer efforts will start up again
in the spring of 2023. To stay in the loop, join Team Toad or Team Pika below. Thanks!



WHERE: Colorado Rocky Mountains (Wetlands) 
WHAT: Hiking, Data Gathering + Swabbing 
WHEN: May–August

Endangered and declining in Colorado, the boreal toad is especially vulnerable to the deadly chytrid fungus. We’re seeking community scientists to help us monitor the species’ high-country habitat—including searching for toads and swabbing them for chytrid. This will help us understand the health of current wild populations and determine suitable locations for future reintroduction of captive-bred Denver Zoo toads. 


WHERE: Colorado Rocky Mountains (Alpine Tundra) 
WHAT: Hiking + Data Gathering 
WHEN: Late June–September

In local alpine areas, the Colorado Pika Project leverages the expertise of nearly 400 community scientists to collect data on this adorable rabbit relative. As an indicator species, American pika can help us understand the effect of climate change on Colorado’s alpine ecosystem. Volunteers search for and record pika activity in breathtaking places like Rocky Mountain National Park and White River National Forest.


Photo by Kristi Odom


Want to help—but not necessarily hike? Denver Zoo is always seeking committed nature-lovers to fill a variety of roles on our City Park campus! Click the button below to browse current opportunities. We’d love to have you on the team!