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DATE June 26, 2021

TIME 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

AGES 21+

PRICE  $125 Birds of a Feather (GA) Ticket


5:45 PM Hoofstock Yard

6:00 PM Wildlife Plaza

6:15 PM Predator Ridge Roof Toss (Primary Yard) and Hoofstock Yard

6:30 PM Hoofstock Yard and Black Rhino Yard

6:45 PM Flamingo Walk @ Carousel Meadows and Sheep Mountain

7:00 PM Hoofstock Yard and Black Rhino Yard

7:15 PM Flamingo Pond Llama Walk

7:30 PM Elephant Bridge Crossing and Hoofstock Yard

7:45 PM Flamingo Pond and Giraffe Yard

8:00 PM Tiger Demonstration and Hoofstock Yard

8:15 PM Giraffe Yard

Flock Party 2021

A Brilliant Movable Feast Benefiting our Beloved Flamingos

Denver Zoo invites you to join us for Flock Party: a fun-filled evening with proceeds benefiting our beautiful American and Chilean flamingos. This colorful, casual, socially distanced and ALL-INCLUSIVE benefit features festive food + drink, live entertainment, exclusive animal experiences and so much more.

With 80+ acres to explore and something fascinating around every bend, Flock Party is a brilliant movable feast providing you with plenty of room to safely spread you wings throughout the event—and it’s virtually guaranteed to be your favorite way to celebrate 125 Years of Love. Join us!

Birds of a Feather (GA) Party Perks:

  • Event access at 6:00 p.m.
  • All-inclusive food + beverage, with an assortment of tasty bites to savor and locally crafted beverages to sip—including special offerings from our sponsors, Stem Cider and Great Divide.
  • Small ensembles of your Colorado Symphony's very own musicians will perform chamber music sets throughout the evening in various locations during the event.
  • 20 + Animal Demos and Keeper Talks throughout campus
  • Animal Art Auction: This year, we’ve added a Silent Auction featuring paintings and casts created by our most talented animal artisans. This opportunity is available exclusively to Flock Party attendees!
flock party activity map

Art Auction

This year, we’re proud to be hosting a mobile silent auction featuring masterworks created by our most talented animal artisans (voluntarily and using non-toxic, environmentally safe paint, naturally).

With bids starting at just $100, this is your opportunity to take home a one-of-a-kind work of art!

Download the app and register to start bidding right away!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Wise Owl:
Marcela de la Mar and John Fair
JPMorgan Chase / Jason Romero
Wagner Equipment Co.

Flock Party
Committee Members:


Vince Abrue, Chair
Marcela de la Mar
Stephanie Donner
Kelly Donovan
Desire Falk
Gloria Price
Amy Harmon
Angelique Salazar
Brittany Morris Saunders
Lauren Schwartz
Victoria Scott-Haynes.
Tina Walls