A Force of Nature Gala

Wild Heritage Wondrous Future DATE September 26, 2023 TIME 7:26 p.m. – 7:26 p.m. A Force of Nature Gala Honoring The McNicholas Family + The Schlessman Family As we celebrate … Continued

Flock Party

Please join Denver Zoo for our first-annual Flock Party: a fine-feathered evening benefiting Denver Zoo’s Animal Care + Emergency Support efforts! This colorful, casual and socially responsible event will feature live entertainment, festive food + drink, exclusive Animal Experiences and another wonderful flights of fancy—with additional details to come as they take wing!

Flock Party 2023

Denver Zoo invites you to join us for Flock Party: a fun-filled evening dedicated to creating a fantastic new habitat for our American and Chilean flamingos. This colorful, casual, and ALL-INCLUSIVE benefit features festive food + drink, live entertainment, exclusive animal experiences and so much more—with proceeds benefiting our most flamboyant flock.

With 84 acres to explore and something fascinating around every bend, Flock Party is a brilliant movable feast providing you with plenty of room to spread your wings throughout the event. Join us for the soirée of the year—and get ready to shake a tailfeather for a good cause!

RMAAZK Comedy Night

Get to know our hoofed residents and find out what makes ungulates such a fascinating group of animals and how they shape our world! Download the Denver Zoo app in your app store for the full listing of special activities and zookeeper talks scheduled throughout the day. Share our love of ungulates this International Ungulate Day!

Breakfast with the Bachelors

Wake up, elephant lovers! You won’t want to miss Denver Zoo’s premier event for all things elephant: Breakfast with the Bachelors. This pachyderm party is a super-limited event for our five bachelor elephants and a small group of their biggest admirers.