Your Support Makes
a Habitat a Home


Every creature on Earth, from the tiniest tree frog to a five-ton elephant, needs a place to call home. At Denver Zoo, we’re passionate about providing authentic and loving homes for every one of our 3,000 animals—and the difference is in the details! This Giving Tuesday, we rely on your support to enrich our animals’ lives in innovative, unexpected and essential ways.

Help us fund the highly specialized items +
improvements that keep our animal family thriving!



Spacious Acreage for Dusty + Dobby

As Denver Zoo continues to raise the bar for world-class animal care, we’re always looking for opportunities to combine multiple species that would naturally cohabitate in the wild. Your support will enable us to create a spacious and deeply enriching multi-species habitat for zebra, giraffe and ostrich—giving these three African species the chance to interact as they might on the savanna.


Durable Delights for Mahali + More 

For our animal family, enrichment can truly make a habitat a home. This is especially true for our hardest-playing residents, who need extra-strength items that safely stimulate their minds and bodies! Your support helps us ensure that rough-riders like Mahali, Bandhu and Ngozi have a diverse and steady supply of enrichment items that can withstand their XXL enthusiasm.


A Soaring Playset for Pearl + More 

Because of Australia’s distinctive flora and fauna, creating a Down Under habitat that is authentic for our animals and can withstand Colorado’s “every season every day” climate takes serious creativity! Your donation will foster enchanting innovations like a tree kangaroo climbing structure that mimics Pearl's native canopy—and a variety of plant species specially propagated for this habitat.