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A Love of Conservation Can Start at Any Age

A big shout-out to Coco S., who heard about our work to help save thousands of flamingo chicks in South Africa, and took on the task of spreading the word to her classmates! Her passion and activism inspired her family to help Coco become one of Denver Zoo’s youngest donors. Denver Zoo recently joined an international effort to rescue and rehabilitate more than 1,800 flamingo chicks and unhatched eggs.

In January, thousands of flamingo eggs were waiting to hatch at Kamfers Dam in Kimberley, South Africa. For a near-threatened species, thousands of chicks would be a boon. But when severe drought hit the area, the adult flamingos were forced to leave in search of food and water, leaving nearly 1,800 chicks and unhatched eggs behind.

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Local conservation agencies swooped in to help the vulnerable birds.

The chicks and unhatched eggs were sent to animal hospitals and rescue centers around the country. Volunteers from zoos around the world, including Denver Zoo, flocked to South Africa to help nurse the flamingos back to health.

Lesser flamingos are currently listed as near threatened by the International Union for the Conservation of Species (IUCN) and are found primarily in sub-Saharan Africa and some parts of India.

Every time you visit or support Denver Zoo, you help us care for our 3,500 animals here as well as their counterparts in the wild.

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