Denver Zoo is committed to providing an environment that is safe and secure for guests, employees, volunteers, contractors, vendors and the animals in its care. Denver Zoo prohibits any person from using or operating any drone or UAS on or above the Denver Zoo campus or parking facilities managed by Denver Zoo except as otherwise stated within this policy or otherwise allowed by law. 

This policy applies to all persons on the Denver Zoo campus including guests, employees and volunteers, as well as individuals who are operating a drone outside of the Zoo campus but flying over campus. 

Persons in violation of Denver Zoo’s drone policy may be dealt with accordingly by law enforcement officers, including but not limited to criminal charges as well as fines. 

This policy will be published in the guest conduct policy and supersedes any contrary provisions. 


The purpose of this policy is to clearly explain Denver Zoo’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment. This policy is a proactive step towards eliminating the use of drones on or over the Denver Zoo campus. The use of any drone or other UAS on campus or at Denver Zoo managed functions by any person not specifically authorized as explained within the policy is strictly prohibited and will result in action by Denver Zoo. This policy extends to any UAS operators who are operating outside of the Zoo campus with drones flying over campus. 

The reasonable restrictions found in this policy will serve to protect the animals maintained on the Denver Zoo campus and will not unduly restrict legitimate visitors from enjoying experiences and educational opportunities provided by Denver Zoo. 


This policy is in effect for the Denver Zoo campus, as defined in Section IV below. This policy applies to all persons who at any time are at, on or within the Denver Zoo campus, including guests, employees, volunteers, contractors and vendors. Without limitation of any other policies or contract terms which may be applicable, all such guests, employees, volunteers, contractors and vendors are required to adhere to the terms of this policy. 


a. “Denver Zoo campus” or “campus” shall mean the Denver Zoological Gardens located at 2300 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205. The Denver Zoo Campus includes all buildings, exhibits, structures, and outdoor premises at, on, over or within Denver Zoological Gardens and includes all parking facilities and structures for Denver Zoological Gardens. 

The Denver Zoo campus is managed and operated by Denver Zoological Foundation, Inc., a private Colorado non-profit corporation pursuant to a cooperative agreement between Denver Zoological Foundation, Inc. and the City and County of Denver. The Denver Zoo campus is located within City Park, a designated park under the Denver City Charter which is administered and managed under the auspices of the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation and the Executive Director of the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation. 

b. “Drone”, “drone” or “UAS” is defined as an aircraft without a human pilot onboard—with the aircraft being controlled by an operator on the ground.  


This policy does not apply to the following persons or situations: 

a. Any employees, agents or officers of Denver Zoological Foundation acting within the authorized scope of their duties. 

b. Any person to whom the Security Operations Manager of Denver Zoological Foundation has given written authorization to fly over the property so long as they follow all rules and regulations of both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Denver Zoological Foundation. 


*This Section VI does not contain an exhaustive list of all applicable state and local laws applicable to use and possession of firearms and other weapons and is not a substitute for review of applicable laws and, where appropriate, consultation with an attorney. 

a. Related Denver Department of Parks and Recreation – Park Use Rules and Regulations 

i. Denver Parks and Recreation § 14.3 – Flying Objects Banned 

ii. Denver Parks and Recreation § 10.1 – Misbehavior (disturbing the peace) 

iii. Denver Parks and Recreation § 10.2 – Disturbing the Noise (disturbing the peace) 

b. Related Denver Revised Municipal Code (“DRMC”) Provisions: 

i. DRMC § 37-50 – Public Nuisances Prohibited 

ii. DRMC § 38-117 – Offense Against Public Safety 

c. Colorado Revised Statutes (“CRS”) Provisions: 

i. CRS §