Creature Challenges

Kindergarten-1st | Snakes

Camp Description

Zoo animals need enrichment, toys, and games just like children! Can your camper come up with ways to help animals learn, grow, and play?

Day Overview

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Question of the Day

AM: What could you build to help a snake shed in its enclosure? PM: How might this change depending on the specific type of snake that is shedding?

Zoo Exploration

Tropical Discovery. What did we see? How did this help us solve the Question of the Day?

Animal Experience

What animal(s) did we meet in our classroom? Why did we meet the ones we did? What did we learn from them?

Engineering Challenge

Campers build something that will help a snake shed its skin! What did we design it and why is that the best solution?

Further Exploration

What areas of the zoo did we explore in the afternoon? How did this help us better understand/apply the Question of the Day?


How did you do when you had to “shed” your “scales”?

Taking It Home

Can you share what you learned about keeping snakes healthy? What do they need in their homes? What do you need in your home to be healthy?


  • Please review IMPORTANT INFORMATION, as well as our Policies and Procedures, to ensure you and your child are ready for camp.
  • Campers must bring a lunch, water bottle, and dress for the weather (plus lots of walking!). As most animal exhibits are outside, we WILL go outside every day.
  • A photo ID is required every day at pick up. Please notify the staff ahead of time if someone who is not on the authorized pick-up list will be picking up your child.
  • To contact us during the day, add authorized pick-ups, or to arrange a late arrival/early pick-up, call the Guest Care Center at 720-337-1400.

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