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Zoo Lights: Low Sensory Night

For the first time in Denver Zoo's history!

December, 31 | 4:30–9 pm

We have created a special low-sensory version of our Zoo Lights event for New Year’s Eve. In an effort to create a more inclusive experience for individuals with sensory processing disorders (SPD), we will be tailoring the evening to meet the needs of those who may feel overwhelmed by a typical evening at Zoo Lights.

Created in collaboration between our Event Staff and external partners with SPD expertise, Zoo Lights LS will deliver all the magic of a typical Zoo Lights evening—without some of the features that individuals with SPD may find triggering. Here are just a handful of the accommodations visitors can expect:

  1. Attendance will be capped at a much lower number to preserve personal space.
  2. Movement (including strobing, flashing and blinking) effects will be dramatically reduced.
  3. Specific messaging will be provided to make families aware of what to expect throughout the night.
  4. Sensory kits will be available for check-out at no additional cost (quantities limited on a first-come, first-served basis)
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