Zero Waste

At Denver Zoo we are committed to species conservation by protecting the environment and our Denver Zoo community through our sustainability programs. Through our Campus Management System (CMS), third party certified to ISO 14001 standards, our sustainability programs are focused on eight key objective areas. Our actions under each of these focal areas aim to achieve a balance between environment, society and the economy that supports the needs of the present without compromising the ability for future generations to thrive. We are committed to fostering a better world through our actions, beliefs and ability to affect change in our communities.
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Denver Zoo is Committed to Achieve
Zero Waste by 2025

That means keeping 90% of our waste out of landfills through composting, recycling and repurposing of materials here on Denver Zoo Campus. Partnering with Swire Coca-Cola, USATM to help turn plastic bottles into fabric used to make Denver Zoo uniforms and reusable bags is only one small step in our zero waste journey. Our reduce, reuse, recycle mindset has us working toward a future of less. Less single use disposable items, less materials used, less pollution, less waste.


Denver Zoo 2025 goal of Zero Waste, which is keeping 90% of the waste produced on campus out of landfills.


Estimated that 2.6 million pounds of waste will be kept out of landfills, each year.


In 2019, DZ achieved a 63% landfill diversion rate.