Celebrating Bison

Learn Why Bison Are So Important to Denver Zoo and Colorado

Nigel’s Complete Journey

Nigel is an African wild dog puppy who was born with severe hip dysplasia, which affected his ability to walk and keep up….

Jake and Chuck

In September 2018, Denver Zoo became home to the largest bachelor herd of Asian elephants in North America following the arrival of two new residents from Ontario, Canada.

Super Cooper

Denver Zoo Rhino Keeper Dave Johnson bonded with one of our young guests by giving him a special meet-and-greet….

Baby Tapir

Denver Zoo staff share personal stories about why they are called to work at Denver Zoo. Curator of Carnivores and Primates Becca McCloskey and Veterinarian Dr. Gwen Jankowski share how they sprung into action to rescue a baby tapir who was born with the birth sack still intact, including how they used mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to rescue the baby. For Becca and Gwen, this isn’t just a job…it’s a calling!

Pronunciation Challenge

DZTV Host Carlie met guests in front of our P.Horse habitat to quiz them on the pronunciation of this animal’s full name: Przewalski’s horse. We’ll give you a hint…it’s not what it seems! We were able to stump guests young and old on this DZTV tongue twister. Watch to see how they did and give it a shot at home!

Radiated Tortoise Rescue

Denver Zoo’s Sean Ploysa, a carpenter in the maintenance department, and Max Maloney, a keeper and reptile expert in Tropical Discovery, just returned from Madagascar where they utilized their respective skills to aid in the rescue efforts of nearly 11,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises that were discovered by local police. The tortoises were most like collected for sale on the illegal pet market in Southeast Asia. The Madagascan government was in dire need of assistance to triage and care for the tortoises, and called upon Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) for help. Although TSA manages several rescue centers in Madagascar, they needed additional aid to save and rehabilitate such an enormous number of animals, and reached out to fellow Association of Zoos & Aquarium (AZA) members to join the rescue mission.