Access to Awe

Over 450,000 youth have benefited from Denver Zoo scholarships with over $2,000,000 in awards to families and schools who would otherwise be unable to experience Zoo programs.



Please follow the REGISTER NOW or APPLY NOW links on specific program pages to complete your Access to Awe application.


  • There is no cost to apply for scholarship, but plan to pay a percentage of regular program fees – 100% of fees are not awarded
  • Denver Zoo has a limited amount of scholarship funds available each year. Scholarships are not guaranteed: once all scholarship funds have been allocated, applicants may be deferred to the following year when renewed funds are available.
  • Scholarships for self-guided field trips are only awarded for visits scheduled September - March.
  • Please refer to program pages for detailed information on deadlines and restrictions that are program specific. Most programs require registration and scholarship application two to three weeks in advance of the program date.
  • Denver Zoo reserves the right to ask for supporting documentation as part of the registration process.

Program Information

Qualify for Denver Zoo Scholarship Fund

In order to qualify for a scholarship, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Public Schools –federal free and reduced lunch ratio published by the Colorado Department of Education is at or above 35%.
  • Private and Independent Schools –percentage of students on scholarship is at or above 35%.
  • Individuals, families, or learning pods – Primary basis for Scholarship Awards to Individuals/Families is participation in government assistance programs and household income level, in combination with a statement that describes need.
  • Non-profit Community Organizations – utilize federal funding support, or if a local community organization’s demonstrated audience includes children from particular schools, those schools’ percentages of free/reduced meal participants may be used. Such organizations may include libraries, recreation centers, and after-school organizations.

What can Scholarship be used for?

  • At-Zoo and Virtual Education Programs
  • Zoo to You Community Outreach Programs

Help Support Denver Zoo Scholarships

How To Apply

Please follow the REGISTER NOW or APPLY NOW links on specific program pages to complete your Access to Awe application, or click here for a list of scholarship application links by program.