Spotted Garden Eel

Classification Class Actinopterygii Order Aulopiformes Family Congridae Genus Heteroconger Species hassi Habitat & Range They live on the sandy flats that border coral reefs at depths of 23’ – 150’ (7–45m). They can also be found in areas dense with seagrass. They dig a burrow into the sandy sea bottom using their pointed tail. When … Continued


Classification Class Osteichthyes Order Scorpaeniformes Family Scorpaenidae Genus Pterois Species volitans Habitat & Range This species of fish is found in the shallow waters around coral reefs, caves or rocky areas. Lionfish inhabit warm regions from the Red Sea across the Indian Ocean to Australia and the Pacific. Lionfish Pterois volitans The lionfish is immediately … Continued

Queen Angelfish

Classification Class Osteichthyes Order Perciformes Family Pomacanthidae Genus Holacanthus Species ciliaris Habitat & Range This species of angelfish lives on mature coral reef systems. Queen angelfish are found in the Western Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda to Brazil and the Caribbean. Queen Angelfish Holacanthus ciliaris Angelfish are among the most beautiful fish found in the coral … Continued

False Percula Clownfish

Classification Class Osteichthyes Order Perciformes Family Pomacentridae Genus Amphiprion Species percula Habitat & Range This genus of fish inhabits shallow sunlit tropical reefs with an abundance of anemones. Here the depth rarely exceeds 39 feet (12 m) and water temperature ranges between 77-82.4 Fo (25-28 Co). Clownfish are native to the warm waters of the … Continued


Classification Class Actinopterygii Order Perciformes Family Toxotidae Genus Toxotes Species jaculator Habitat & Range Archerfish inhabit river estuaries and brackish coastal waters of Asia and in the mangrove swamps and rover mouths of northern Australia. The archerfish swim among the roots, preying on insects that land on the vegetation. They are found in southeast Asia, … Continued

Blind Cave Fish

Classification Class Osteichthyes Order Characiformes Family Characidae Genus Astyanax Species mexicanus Habitat & Range This species of fish lives in warm dark caves of freshwater rivers, lakes or pools. Blind cave fish are found throughout Central America. Blind Cave Fish Astyanax mexicanus Blind cave fish compensate for their lack of sight by having a more … Continued