Baby Sloth Naming Contest

Our Linne’s two-toed sloth pup is a BOY, and we need your help deciding on a name! With a donation of $5 per vote, you choose from the three names below—each lovingly selected by the little guy’s keepers. Vote as often as you like, knowing that each donation will help ensure that this beautiful boy grows up strong...and slow. Cast your vote now!


Inspired by the tropical rainforest from which this species hails, a vote for RAIN will make sure the little guy is always showered with love.


Our last sloth naming contest, did, in fact, let the Wookiee win—so it’s only fitting that his little brother be named after an Ewok!


While the little guy is NOT caffeinated, he does have a beautiful café con leche coat—and he’s perfectly sweet, even sin azucar. 

Bundle of Joy

Add this $30 bundle when you join Denver Zoo, and get: 

FULL YEAR of membership perks
FREE VOTE to name the sloth baby
PERSONALIZED sloth adoption certificate

Smart Choices Save Sloths

Palm oil is used in nearly 50% of the packaged products we find in supermarkets, from doughnuts to deodorant and beyond. Its harvest can have a devastating impact on sloths’ rainforest homes. Be sure to choose products labeled Palm Done Right® to minimize impact on rainforest ecosystems—and support local communities, too!