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Looking for event venues in Denver that will delight guests of all ages? Regardless of why your flock is gathering—family reunion, meaningful birthday, team or client appreciation event, celebrating a company milestone or just to shake your tail feathers—we're proud to be part of  the wildest, most vibrant Denver event venue. Our dedicated event specialists will work closely with you to create an event that exceeds your expectations, while also remaining in alignment with state and local regulations with regard to group gatherings.

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Available Event Venues in Denver Zoo

Norgren Hall, Giraffe Meadow, Northern Shores, Toyota Elephant Passage, Stingray Cove, Primate Panorama, Hospital Plaza

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Looking Denver event venue EXTRAS to take your party to the next level? Denver Zoo offers several options to enhance and enrich your event from animal encounters to rides on the Conservation Carousel.

Norgren Hall

Norgren Hall is our largest indoor facility, with large floor-to-ceiling windows and a spectacular view of Benson Predator Ridge and the Gerenuk exhibits. Choose all of Norgren Hall, or use air walls to create smaller spaces for intimate meetings and events. The event space is ideal for a unique corporate meeting, private party, special occasion or any indoor gathering.

50 Tickets Included
2-Hour Rental: $1,750 / 8-Hour Rental: $3,000

The Sandbar at Stingray Cove™ 

A beach bar in the Mile High City? Yep, we've got one—and it's adjacent to our most engaging new experience! Inspired by the vibrant culture and unique ecosytem of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, our seasonal Stingray Cove™ exhibit gives your guests the opportunity to touch and feed gentle stingrays and sharks as they as they swoop and glide around their 15,000-gallon tank. Enjoy the ambiance or add stingray feedings and keeper presentations to the mix! It's the only event venue in Denver where the pool sharks are totally kid-friendly.

10 Tickets Included
2-Hour Rental: $450


Giraffe Meadows

Only one of the birthday party venues in Denver comes with actual party animals. After all, who doesn’t love a tall boy at a picnic? The lush lawn adjacent to our giraffe barn is ideal for any tented picnic or meeting, with large shade trees and views of The Edge (Amur tigers) Pacific Shores (sea lions, harbor seal) and the Przewalski's horse paddock.

50 Tickets Included
2-Hour Rental: $1,750 / 8-Hour Rental: $3,000

Hospital Plaza

Our newest open-air event Denver event venue, Hospital Plaza gives your guests access to the vibrant area opposite our state-of-the-art Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital, which opened last year. From the tiniest tree frog to a full-grown grizzly bear, the 22,000-square-foot facility ensures that every one of our animals is able to receive the care they need—and this spacious plaza will cater to your every need, too! Shade structures included; enchanting animal meet-and-greets optional!

50 Tickets Included
2-Hour Rental: $1,750 / 8-Hour Rental: $3,000

Animal Ambassador Addition
30 Minutes $250 / 1 Hour: $500

Primate Panorama
Private Deck

Spanning seven acres of lushly forested land, Primate Panorama allows you to connect with multiple species of ape, monkey and lemur—and you could be hosting your event on a private deck, overlooking this amazing animal kingdom! Critically endangered western lowland gorillas and Sumatran orangutans roam freely in their separate spacious exhibits while you enjoy their antics from your umbrella-shaded table. Of all the event venues in Denver, only this one offers REAL monkey business.

35 Tickets Included
2-Hour Rental: $1,000, 8-Hour Rental: $1,250


Seal Side Party Deck

Follow the sweet sound of Nick's voice to the shaded, rocky pools where he makes his home with fellow sea lions Duke, Maverick, Luci, Ady and Gunnison—plus harbor seal Kim. From your private deck overlooking our popular Northern Shores habitat, you'll have plenty of vantage points for you and your guests to enjoy our pinnipeds' natural charisma and they dive, frolic and "haul out" to wrestle for king (and queen) of the rock! Unlike other birthday party venues in Denver, our Seal Side Party Deck offers plenty of free parking...and barking.

10 Tickets Included
Two-Hour Rental: $450

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