Event Policies & Guidelines


  • All events at Denver Zoo will occur rain or shine.
  • No pets are permitted on Denver Zoo grounds.
  • Feeding of zoo animals, including free roaming animals is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited on Zoo grounds.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times.
  • All guests must have an event ticket for entry.
  • Animal demonstrations and/or meet and greets are not guaranteed and will be refunded if it does not occur during the event.
  • Group is liable for the actions of their invitees.
  • For the safety of our animals, Denver Zoo does not allow balloons, balls, flying objects of any sort, piñatas, etc.

Payment Policy

  • To guarantee your event, a signed contract along with a 100% deposit is due within two weeks of receiving a contract from Denver Zoo. If signed contract and payment are not received within the two weeks, event space shall be released for general sale.
  • Any fees incurred the day of the event (i.e. additional event tickets) must be paid within two weeks of the event date.
  • Denver Zoo accepts most major credit cards and company checks.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation must be submitted in writing via e-mail or certified mail.

  • Cancelations made at or more than 181 days prior to the event, will incur a 0% cancelation fee.
  • Cancelations made between 61 and 180 days prior to the event, will incur a 50% cancelation fee.
  • Cancelations made at or less than 60 days prior to the event, will incur a 100% cancelation fee.


  • All guests will need a private event admission ticket to enter the zoo. Although children ages 0 to 2 are free, they still require an admission ticket to enter the zoo and attend the event.
  • All guests including yourself, employees, attendees, and vendors must have one of these tickets to enter the zoo and attend the event.
  • Rental fees include an allotment of tickets based on your contract specifications and event venue.
  • Memberships are not valid for private event entry.

Load In/Load Out Policy

  • Access gates, closer to the event space, may be available. Request for use of these gates for load-in/load-out must be submitted in advance for approval.
  • Client access to the event space for set-up is available 30-minutes prior to the contracted event start time. Additional time may be requested, but is not guaranteed.

Outside Vendor Policy

  • Music for events is subject to approval from the zoo.
  • For evening events, all bands, DJ’s, and entertainment performances must perform a sound check with appointed Denver Zoo staff before the event begins.
  • Vendors have one hour to set up before designated rental time and one hour after end of rental time. Cost of overages to provide staffing are $250.00 per hour per staff member.
  • Electrical requirements must be received no later than two weeks from the event date. Denver Zoo does not guarantee additional electricity on the day of the event and does not have an electrician on site.
  • Denver Zoo must approve ALL giveaways, handouts, and prizes associated with the event, one month prior to your event date.


  • Storage facilities are not provided for events.
  • All items in conjunction with events must be brought on the day of the event and removed immediately after otherwise there will be a $150 removal fee for any leftover trash, promotion materials, or boxes.
  • Any items that must be shipped to Denver Zoo in conjunction with an event need prior approval and will incur a $50 handling fee.
  • All deliveries must be prearranged and approved by your zoo contact and must be delivered during normal shipping hours; preferably on the day of your event.


  • Parking is complimentary.  Please communicate to your guests to arrive early and allow extra time for parking; especially during peak times such as Zoo Lights and weekend summer daytime events.
  • Parking is free and is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If bus parking is needed for your event, the Denver Zoo must be notified at least two weeks prior to your event date.

Promotional Use

  • Any use of Denver Zoo logo, pictures, and name for invitations or promo use for your event must be reviewed and approved by the Corporate Events Department prior to print and distribution.
  • The client agrees that they will not sell tickets or otherwise market or promote the event to the general public to attract, solicit or generate attendance at Denver Zoo without written approval from Denver Zoo, which approval may be withheld in its sole discretion.
  • Denver Zoo needs to approve sponsors that will be associated with the event. Please submit a list for approval three months prior to the event date.


  • All food and beverage catering must be arranged through our onsite exclusive caterer, Taste Catering, and we do not allow outside caterers.
  • In addition to your venue rental fee, there is a minimum catering spend that must be met.
  • Your final guaranteed guest count for catering is due seven business days prior to your event date.
  • Although food and liquor may be taken from your private rental location into other areas of the zoo, we do not allow food or liquor to be taken off zoo grounds during or after your event.
  • Taste Catering is responsible for providing and handling all liquor while on premise at Denver Zoo.

Contact the Sales and Hospitality Team

We look forward to hosting your next event at the Denver Zoo. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be with you shortly.