Predator Ridge

Kings and Queens of the Savanna

Specifically designed to showcase the charismatic predator species of Africa’s Samburu region—including African lions and Spotted hyenas—Predator Ridge continues to set the gold standard for animal care and guest experience for zoos around the world. 

Spanning nearly five acres, this habitat evokes the varied landscapes of the African savanna. As the two species move among the rotational yards, they enjoy a variety of different environments while experiencing the presence of other species, much as they would in the wild. An indoor viewing area, Pahali ya Simba (place of the lions) allows you to be mere inches away from these fascinating animals. A special maternity yard, Pahali ya Mwana (place of the young) also gives you a tender glimpse into the lives of our littlest lions. 

Predator Ridge received the Top Honors Exhibit Award from the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) for its dedication to supporting world-class animal care and visitor engagement.


African lions 

Spotted hyenas


Predator Ridge Demonstration: Pahali Ya Simba 

Daily at 12:00 p.m.