Where Tigers Reign Supreme

Get closer than ever—six inches, to be exact—from our three magnificent tigers! Thanks to heavy-duty perforated panels in the habitat’s central area, you’ll be close enough to see, hear and smell Amur tigers Viktor and Nikita and Sumatran tiger ChloJo as they slink about their spacious habitat. And, if you’ve never caught the eye of the tiger as he (or she) looks down on you from a soaring perch, it’s an unforgettable experience. 

Opened in 2017, The EDGE features two enriching habitats connected by The Catwalk: an elevated walkway that enables Nikita to move freely between her two kingdoms—both of which feature logs for climbing, scratching and feeding as well as pools for swimming and lots of shady spots for catnapping. More than an acre of land dotted with 120-year-old pine trees mimics the tigers’ native environments. 


Amur (Siberian) tigers 

Sumatran tiger 


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