The HERD Parliament Members

Executive Co-Chairs

Chris Boling

Executive Co-Chair

Chris Boling is a corporate attorney at Holland & Hart LLP. Chris’s passion for animals started at a young age with frequent trips to the Houston Zoo and a summer job at an animal hospital. Chris hopes The HERD will provide a platform for educating members on the mission of Denver Zoo and engage the next generation in support of wildlife conservation worldwide.

Daniel Nichols

Executive Co-Chair

Daniel Nichols is a project manager for Nichols Partnership, a real estate development firm in Denver. He attended Denison University in Granville, Ohio and got his master’s degree from The University of Colorado. Daniel’s passion for conservation stems from his family’s long history with local zoos and ultimately led him to want to start The HERD at Denver Zoo. He feels that the incredible efforts zoos make across the country need to be celebrated and continued while prioritizing their importance in the education of future generations.

Events Committee

Scott Travis

Scott Travis is Head of Research at Orange Ridge Capital. Orange Ridge Capital specializes in sourcing, structuring and managing sustainable, high-quality real asset investments in the Americas, Europe and Australasia, where they aim to generate attractive returns from timberland, farmland, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate and renewable energy. Scott is a researcher and consultant with expertise in economic advisory, covering topics such as climate risk, geopolitical landscape mapping, circular economics, growth strategy and due diligence.

Paul Donahue

Paul Donahue is an Assistant Vice President at Essex Financial Group, a mortgage banking firm specializing in commercial real estate debt and equity placement. He grew up in Denver and attended Arizona State University before quickly coming back to Colorado to call it home again. Paul grew up attending Denver Zoo’s summer camp program and quickly discovered a deep passion for wildlife and conservation. Frequently planning vacations and travel around wildlife and outdoor adventures, Paul hopes to help educate the coming generations about the importance of protecting wildlife in their natural habitats and how Denver Zoo plays such an important role in supporting the natural environment and animals around the world.

Maggie Mahoney

Maggie Mahoney is a structural engineer at Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers where she specializes in the construction of healthcare facilities. She attended Santa Clara University in the Silicon Valley and got her master’s degree from Stanford University. She lives in Englewood with her husband, Ryan, and golden retriever. Maggie has been passionate about wildlife from a young age and is excited to promote the HERD’s mission. She thinks it is important to engage the next generation in supporting wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

Tenaya Harrison-Morelock

Tenaya Harrison-Morelock is a client advisor at J.P. Morgan’s private bank. She moved to Colorado in 2015 to attend the University of Colorado Boulder and currently lives in Littleton with her fiancé and their two dogs. As a lifelong skier and equestrian, animals and nature have always been an important part of her life. She is honored to serve as an ambassador of Denver Zoo as a HERD member, inspiring the community to engage with the Zoo’s mission to promote conservation and education so that future generations can continue to learn from and enjoy wildlife.

Kevin Tibolt

Kevin Tibolt is a business attorney with Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti LLP. Kevin is passionate about protecting wildlife and wild places across the globe. Through The HERD, Kevin hopes to help ensure that Denver Zoo’s mission of wildlife conservation and education not only resonates with his peers, but naturally flows to future generations of Coloradans.

Ben Rosenthal

Ben Rosenthal is a Networks Consultant with AT&T. He grew up in the Chicago Suburbs and loved going to the Brookfield Zoo as a kid. A love of zoos and a passion for conservation blossomed from a young age, and since moving to Denver in 2021, Ben has been thrilled to be able to get more involved with Denver Zoo. In addition to being a HERD member, Ben is also a volunteer for the Zoo in the Guest Experience department. When he isn’t working or at the Zoo, Ben loves skiing, hiking and walking his dog around town.

Hayden Cullen

Hayden is a Colorado native, currently living just down the block from Denver Zoo in the Whittier neighborhood where he has been for the last 6 years. Prior to settling back in Colorado, he spent a decade across the Pacific Northwest and California. Hayden is the Director of Business Development for Cardinal Group Companies, a Colorado HQ shop focused on the development, acquisition and management of multifamily housing. Outside of the 9–5, Hayden is often hitting the slopes with his friends, taking his dog Lady May out for the day or booking his next trip. His love for animals has been a lifelong quest, and he is thrilled to be joining such an impressive group of folks who share the same interest.

Finance Committee

Robbie Nichols

Robbie Nichols is a real estate development project manager at the Nichols Partnership, which specializes in urban infill and building rehabilitation. His mother is on Denver Zoo’s Board of Governors focused on animal conservation. Robbie has had a love for animals throughout his life and grew up going to Denver Zoo. He is a strong supporter of Denver Zoo and its mission, and is eager to partake in its future success.

Lauren Napheys

Lauren Napheys is a manager at KPMG in their Deal Advisory practice. She is a Certified Public Accountant and focuses on technical accounting issues for global financial services companies. Lauren is a Denver native and received her undergraduate and master’s degrees from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. Go Buffs! Lauren has a passion for helping animals and believes that animal education and conservation is increasingly important as habitats around the world continue to overlap. She is eager to work with HERD members and Denver Zoo staff to actively promote The HERD’s mission.

Membership & Marketing Committee

Mary Boling

Mary Boling is currently an MBA Candidate at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. Growing up in Philadelphia, the zoo was a large part of Mary’s childhood, and she is excited to now be part of Denver Zoo community as a HERD board member. She hopes The HERD will provide opportunities for people to engage and support Denver Zoo’s mission of Inspiring Communities to Save Wildlife for Future Generations.

Peter Biberstein

Peter Biberstein is the General Counsel & VP of Business Affairs at Care Solace, Inc., a mental healthcare coordination service on a mission to improve access to care regardless of circumstances. Peter and his family moved to Denver in 2020 from Washington, D.C. Peter grew up in Manhattan, Kansas and trips to the Sunset Zoo (and to Denver Zoo when passing through Colorado) were a frequent part of his early childhood. Peter is passionate about Denver Zoo’s mission to save wildlife for future generations and got involved with The HERD to share this passion and help support Denver Zoo in its education and conservation efforts.

Chase Craig

Chase Craig works as an Investment Advisor with Merrill Lynch in Downtown Denver. Chase was raised on a Beef Cattle farm in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and moved to Denver in 2021 to pursue the outdoor lifestyle that he enjoyed so much growing up. Of all the great memories the farm provided, running around their family corn maze every fall as well as helping his dad show cattle at the National Western Stock Show every year happen to be his top two. Throughout his life, it’s always brought him immense joy watching people interact with and learn about animals that are important to our world’s ecosystem. Chase looks forward to contributing to the continuous knowledge being shared by The HERD’s mission, allowing others to partake in his enjoyment and interest with animals.

Haley Sorensen

Haley Sorensen is a Principal and Regional Director within Ares Wealth Management Solutions, which oversees Ares’ client management activities in the global wealth channel. Haley grew up in Denver, attended Syracuse University, lived in New York City and San Francisco before finding her way back home to Colorado in 2020. Haley has been an animal lover her entire life and is passionate to help promote and be a part of wildlife conservation, animal care and welfare. Haley lives in Denver with her dog Buster and two cats, Tux and Poppy.

Vicky Rhine

Vicky Rhine is the Director of the Healthcare Interest Program at Denver Health. Since starting her career, Vicky has managed programs for students at multiple academic levels and designed curriculum on college and career readiness as well as health equity and access. Since moving to Denver from the Chicago suburbs in 2021, Vicky has greatly enjoyed becoming involved with Denver Zoo through volunteering and HERD membership. Vicky is excited to further contribute to the zoo’s mission as a parliament member. As a natural extrovert, Vicky never tires of meeting new people or exploring new places. She also enjoys reading mystery novels, birding on hikes and testing new recipes.