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When visiting the Zoo on hot days, we recommend bringing the following items with you to ensure the best visit possible. Forgot something? All of the items below may all be purchased in Kibongi Market Gift Shop, located at the Zoo’s main gate.

  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Wide-Brim Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Light-Colored, Loose-Fitting Clothing
  • Light Rain Jacket (for the occasional afternoon thunderstorm)



Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains are conveniently located throughout
Denver Zoo at the following locations:

Main Gate: Restrooms*
Gates Center: Restrooms*
Sheep Mountain*
Primate Panorama: Restrooms
Toyota Elephant Passage: Village Hall*
Kamala Café: Restrooms*
Giraffe Building
The Edge*
Tropical Discovery: Restrooms*

*Drinking fountain includes water bottle filling station.

Complimentary Water Services
at Denver Zoo Restaurants

All of Denver Zoo’s permanent restaurant facilities
offer free water to guests year round, including:

Samburu Grille Restaurant
Brown Bear Restaurant
Kamala Café Restaurant
Lighthouse Pizza Restaurant


Hydration Stations

Memorial Day to Labor Day, Denver Zoo offers
supplemental hydration stations at the following locations:

Wildlife Plaza Concessions Cart
Brown Bear Restaurant
Food Truck
Kamala Café Concession Cart
Lighthouse Pizza Restaurant


Misting Stations

Memorial Day to Labor Day, self-activated misting stations are available at the following locations:

  • Sheep Mountain
  • Kamala Café
  • The Edge

Go Inside

During hot days, some of the Zoo’s animal residents may go inside to cool down and find additional shade—and you should do the same! Visit our indoor spaces for animal viewing, shade and AC, including Pahali ya Simba, Emerald Forest, Great Ape Building, Village Hall and Tropical Discovery.


Grab a Cool Treat

Stop by restaurants and kiosks throughout the Zoo to enjoy your favorite frozen treat or ice-cold beverage. Guest favorites include Dippin’ Dots at Kamala Café or Primate Panorama, Dole Whip at Gidget’s Ice Cream Shop, Soft Serve Ice Cream at Cup and Cone, Hand Dipped Ice Cream at Brown Bear Restaurant or an ice-cold beer at Zoo Gardens Café and Beer Garden. View all Food + Beverage.


When we’re hot, they’re hot! On days with extreme heat, some animal viewing and activities may be limited. Here’s a few tips on how to maximize your experience, even when the mercury’s maxxed out!

Check the Schedule

Check our Daily Schedule for up-to-date animal talks and demonstrations.  Our animal care staff will often offer special ice treats and activities that allow animals to cool off on hot days. Don’t miss these fun talks!



Stingray Cove™

Stop by this shaded open-air interactive experience to dip your hands and arms in a 15,000 gallon pool—touching and feeding gentle stingrays as they swoop and glide freely around their watery habitat.

4D Experience

This immersive, air-conditioned experience uses built-in motion and special effects in the seats and throughout the space—including water, bubbles and snow—to make you feel the action on the screen!