Denver Zoo’s commitment to conserving wildlife and open spaces can be seen from our sustainability efforts on grounds to our 20+ year heritage managing successful field conservation programs around the world.

Our Impactful Conservation Strategy
As a recognized zoo-based observation organization and wildlife conservation leader, our impact is proven through our diligent efforts to:

1. Invest in under-resourced systems and species with a high conservation need
2. Improve ecological health
3. Stay centered on inclusive conservation through trusting partnerships
4. Unite to promote conservation optimism
5. Maximize our impact through science, innovation, and collaboration


Our Dedication to Colorado Conservation

Denver Zoo not only works tirelessly to improve our planet for wild animals and wild places around the world, but also places a strong focus on our home state of Colorado through the following projects:

Our Commitment to International Conservation

We commit our time, training, and expertise to operate conservation programs at the Zoo in four other countries around the world, with two new exciting projects in Laos this year.

The first Laos project is in partnership with Association Anoulak. We will be helping to support biodiversity research and monitoring, conservation awareness and anti-poaching efforts in the Annamite Mountain Range of Laos. The two national conservation areas on either side of the mountain range are home to rare wildlife including the northern white-cheeked gibbon, Asian small-clawed otter, great hornbill, clouded leopard and the black breasted-leaf turtle species who also have ambassador residents at Denver Zoo.

The second project will take place at the Elephant Conservation Center in Sayaboury province, home to ex-logging elephants. Denver Zoo will work with the Nam Phouy National Biodiversity Conservation Area to help local staff re-wild bull elephants and build capacity to manage hull herds from these former working animals.

We’re excited to announce more international conservation projects are coming soon! They will take place in Indonesia and Uganda.


Water by the Numbers: One Facet of Sustainability

In addition to our field conservation programs, Denver Zoo is devoted to sustainability, with a strong focus on minimizing water usage for the betterment of the planet.


of Denver Zoo's water usage has been reduced since 1999


of water usage has been reduced in Pinnacol African Penguin Point from the prior habitat


gallons of water or more will be saved per year with our remodeled sea lion habitat


gallons of water saved per year using our Air Temperature Monitors

Gratitude to Our Generous Open Spaces Supporters

The Sparkjoy Foundation is a dedicated partner of Denver Zoo. Their grants over three years have supported Denver Zoo’s work in Daniels Park to restore grasslands and conserve bison and all the wildlife that depend on healthy ecosystems.

Volunteer and Board Member Olga Donahue is passionate about the health of the tree canopy of Denver Zoo. She established an endowed fund in the Colorado Zoological Trust for horticulture to ensure her granddaughter can come to the zoo with her children and enjoy shady spot. As a Wildlife Heritage Society member, Olga has also made a designation for Denver Zoo in her estate plans.


Help Us Conserve Wildlife and Open Spaces

Join our commitment to open spaces and support our mission to inspire communities to save wildlife for future generations.