Support Our campaign for a WILD Future at Denver Zoo

There is undeniable magic felt in the presence of wildlife, whether it’s the powerful sight of a lion roaring or a monkey gracefully swinging through the trees.

Over five generations of guests have had the unique opportunity to experience this enchantment up close, right in the heart of our urban Mile High City. And, through Denver Zoo’s worldwide conservation efforts, each visitor helps to preserve this magic beyond Colorado’s borders and Into the Great Wild Open.

The animals that call our zoo their home — and their counterparts across the globe — have captivated visitors of all ages and inspired each of us to embrace our WILD spirit. Now it is your turn to make their WILDEST dreams come true.

Let’s unleash a new era of WILD experiences for the animals at Denver Zoo and beyond through elevated habitats, care, enrichment, and conservation.


Can we count on you to help Denver Zoo remain WILD for future generations?

Your gift of support will OPEN the next GREAT chapter of Denver Zoo and leave a legacy of WILD spaces for future generations at our 84 acre Denver campus and across the globe. Help us to inspire communities to save wildlife for future generations.

Conservation in Action:
What does a WILD Zoo look like?


With open arms, we engage learners of all ages and invite them to join us on a journey of discovery and conservation action.


Through first-hand encounters, we open hearts to the wonders of nature by bringing nature into the heart of our community.


Our commitment to conserving wildlife and open spaces can be seen from our sustainability efforts at the zoo to our field conservation programs around the world.


Join our devoted community of supporters and help enhance the lives of the 3,000+ animals under our care and the conservation efforts for wildlife beyond our gates.

Take a peek into the WILD future made
possible by this campaign: