Good Hope for African Penguins

How Denver Zoo’s new penguin habitat ties back to global penguin conservation efforts

New Penguin Habitat at Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo’s New African Penguin Habitat—Pinnacol African Penguin Point—Set to Open Sept. 30

Mia and Bungee’s Big Move

Why two of Denver Zoo’s Most Well-Known Primates Have a New Place to Call Home

Window Into Our World

Members and Guests Will Soon Be Able to Witness First-Hand the Zoo’s Outstanding Veterinary Care at the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital

Sloths Branch Out

Slow Clap for Denver Zoo’s New Sloth Exhibit!

Oskar and Araali Turn One!

Take a Look Back at Our African Lion Cubs’ First Year

Joona: Our Joy and Treasure

A Rhino Keeper Reflects on Joona’s Miraculous Birth and Her Amazing First Year

Denver ZOOtrition

How your generosity had an overwhelming impact on the health and happiness of our 3,000+ animals

My Heart Animal, Nias

Few things are harder for zookeepers than the loss of an animal. Great Apes Keeper Cindy Cossaboon cared for Nias for 15 years, since Nias’ very first day at Denver Zoo. Hear from Cindy about what Nias was like when guests weren’t around, and the depth of their bond.

Special Orders

Dietary Changes Can Majorly Impact an Animal’s Quality of Life—and Even Save It